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Hey yall. Welcome to my kitchen. The kids and I are doing all the things here in the kitchen. I am still not feeling the best but I thank …

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  1. Cindy Fields
    Cindy Fields says:

    Please do your research before adding oil to the garlic!! "Frugal Money Saver" just posted a note in the last few days that this could cause Botulism. I don't know how to add the photo of her note so you may have to look her up if you want to see her statement. But please investigate so you don't end up sick.

  2. Without Limits Budgets With AarynLynn
    Without Limits Budgets With AarynLynn says:

    So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well right now we have been eating down our prep pantry for nine months we’re going to continue to eat on our preps. I just showed all the overage and items that we have in stock which is still a massive amount of food so until we eat down our preps, even more, we’re not buying much of anything! I pulled out some bear creek soups, which I don’t consider them serves because it’s not much to them when it comes to substance wise so I use it as a base I added more pro Tien when I need to for some of the soups others I just add a ton more vegetables to them and have kids with grilled cheese with that they can have it and I also have rice for the tortilla soup! Using what we have on hand, it has helped to save over $3000 last year and we’re continuing to save while we eat what we already have in stock! Hope that you get to feeling better soon

  3. Diana Rose
    Diana Rose says:

    had an idea next time you have a lot of garlic to dehydrate, why not just use a garlic press instead of that tedious chopping/slicing, would break it down to dehydrate faster/easier if you don't already have one garlic presses re pretty cheap

  4. Madi’s Mom
    Madi’s Mom says:

    I love that your kids still help! My 19 year old got gone quick at 17! She’s in medical school and said she’s never moving back home! 😂😂😂😂. Oh how I miss her being home.. Enjoy them, as you know they grow so fast!!


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