OVERWHELMED!!! Thank You!!! – Tuesday Talk–The Hillbilly Kitchen

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OVERWHELMED!!! Thank You!!! – Tuesday Talk–The Hillbilly Kitchen Thank you all!!! I am truly blessed to have each of you in my …

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  1. Faith T
    Faith T says:

    My Sunday night class with the youth, we sit down and do and make what’s on…they love ur channel..ty for showing our youth cooking & Christ….

  2. ADHD TV
    ADHD TV says:

    Becky, something in your eyes shows trauma. Don’t try so hard to live up to a standard others set for you based off something in the Bible taken out of context…. I can see the stress. You’ve had a hard life. Please, slow down.

  3. Kevin Darrell
    Kevin Darrell says:

    I love you sweetheart. GOD bless you and your family. Y’all ain’t nothing but a beautiful family. My sincere condolences. I know what you mean. God bless y’all 🇺🇸

  4. K. Adams
    K. Adams says:

    I'm a subscriber, and I have watched many of your videos. I love your content. But …. you NEVER respond to the people making comments.
    If you want your channel to grow,
    you need to interact we them.

  5. BamaJenn
    BamaJenn says:

    You are an absolute treasure, Becky…you are often in my thoughts and prayers as I am a widow too and the first year is just so hard… love & blessings over you and your precious family

  6. Pete Burkhart
    Pete Burkhart says:

    I know that you can’t respond to every single person, but know that we appreciate you. Your recipes are delicious and you do such a good job of explaining how to replicate them in our own kitchens. I especially appreciate that they are made from ingredients that we already have. You are truly an inspiration in our daily walk with the Lord. You are so loving and humble. A great big thanks for setting an example for the rest of us! May God continue to bless you in all you do.

  7. The Harbringer
    The Harbringer says:

    My famly and I are blessed to have found your channel. Thank you for doing this it has helped so much. I have been passing your channel along to all of my family and friends. You have no idea how much you have helped our family in these trying times. Everyone here is so very kind and I think the world needs it now more than ever.

  8. James Arnett
    James Arnett says:

    i like your channel and your love for god but i have to say i put my family before anyone even god i believe in him but he can take care of him self and for those that say fear him i do not but love and respect him no one should live in fear and if you fear god your doing something wrong

  9. Mark hicks
    Mark hicks says:

    dear becky, i have watched since the pandemic hit as i have watched numerous feeds for we could not do much during that time. i grew up in w.va. and i had a hard childhood like a lot of the followers. with what you do and all you have been through, god love you, you are an angel. this video brought a tear to my old eye. keep up the good work and again, you are an inspiration and a true angel of god. much love to you.

  10. Ralph U.
    Ralph U. says:

    Can you just pray for me and keep me in your prayers? I'm going through some stuff
    and struggling with some things. Won't go into any details but God knows. I'd very
    much appreciate it. Thank you! My sister in Christ. 🤟


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