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Welcome back everyone! We run around like crazy today, and take you along! chocolate zucchini bread: 1/2 c cocoa 1.5 c flour 1 …

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  1. @Fab4gal68
    @Fab4gal68 says:

    It never hurts to get a few more quotes. I know it sounds tedious but I would say that getting 3 quotes is a good number. Three is better than two. The first two quotes might be in the same ballpark and the third quote will help you see if the first two are extremely high or if they are all in the same ballpark, give or take.
    When it comes to paying for air conditioning, I know it sounds like a big splurge to some people but it basically boils down to your quality of life. If you have a difficult time being in the house or living your life comfortably because it's too hot, you have to do something to help your situation. It may sound harsh but if you have to suspend your holiday I think it would help absorb some of the cost. You can always travel next year right?
    Here is a meatloaf tip:
    I always make my meatloaf in my 6 quart oval slow cooker. I line the bottom of the slow cooker with aluminum foil for easy clean up or you can use a slow cooker bag.
    I simply insert a rack that will fit into the bottom of the slow cooker (I actually use 2 of those round pressure cooker racks and they fit nicely into the bottom) and then I take a piece of foil and fold it into thirds (so it's folded like a letter in the mail) and I use that as a sleeve and I put that on top of the racks for stability with the meatloaf. So if the aluminum foil wasn't on there creating a lip, the meat would eventually cook and then fall through the racks. My meatloaf holds together nicely on the foil sleeve and the grease jus drips and falls off. Once you see how much liquid accumulates at the bottom when you're meatloaf is suspended up higher, you won't make it any other way. You also won't believe how juicy and tender the meat loaf is.
    The benefit from using the slow cooker is you get rid of the grease or fat from the loaf, you cut down on your electricity while cooking it and you don't heat up the house. I make my meatloaf like this year round.
    Good luck on the air conditioning issue.

  2. @barbarawood8887
    @barbarawood8887 says:

    I live in Florida and I just got my AC changed both inside and out and they won it 10,000 and I got other quotes and I paid 3700 get other quotes even though he’s your friend good luck

  3. @vickiemouse2359
    @vickiemouse2359 says:

    How are the dogs with fireworks?
    I hope they don’t upset them!
    I miss having a pool! But I am so Blessed that we found our little acre in the forest!
    God already knows are needs and where will will be and am so Thankful!
    Happy 4th to you and your beautiful family 🙏🏻🕊✝️🌸♥️

  4. @starlingmorris648
    @starlingmorris648 says:

    I live in Florida and last year our AC went out and it was $8000 to replace it! We had to wait and save up the money for the replacement and it was brutal, so I understand where you are coming from with your AC. Box fans were our best friends. 🤣 With the way the Economy is going, though, the price will more than likely not stay the same for the replacement in the future.

  5. @StephanieGiese
    @StephanieGiese says:

    I’m sorry about the AC units! I’m sure you’ve tried this already, but I’ll mention it just in case. We live in Florida and lots of our new neighbors pay to have their AC repaired because they don’t know you can flush the condensate line yourself. Our units need to be flushed often down here because they run so much. When we lived in PA my husband only had to do it once or twice, now we have to do it once or twice a month. It’s always worth a try before paying for repairs. If you haven’t done it yet (but I’m thinking Gerry probably has), Google how to flush a condensate line and make sure to try that.

  6. @cindycompton7361
    @cindycompton7361 says:

    My parents just replaced their AC and it was $10k, so I’m sure for your size house that’s spot on. I’d replace it now before it 8,000 next year. I know it sounds like a lot (it is) but it’s basically a 20 year investment. I guess it’s whatever is priority. I’ll skip going on a vacation (one week of fun) to be comfortable everyday. We just replaced the windows in our home and it was 10k, but I look at it as an investment to saving on our electric bill.

  7. @JamieClements1982
    @JamieClements1982 says:

    Can you put a few more window units in? We said if our ac goes, window units it is. 😂 We had them in our younger married years. Have you ever tried the bacon meatloaf PW recipe? It’s in one of her first cookbooks. It’s tasty.

  8. @yvettegerry9862
    @yvettegerry9862 says:

    I’m making spaghetti with meat sauce and salad, maybe cantaloupe. Love chocolate zucchini bread yum . I think you can freeze your pesto in smaller amounts like pucks , that’s how I do my tomato paste . Have a wonderful July 4 💥🇺🇸💥 see you soon !

  9. @Susanjoc
    @Susanjoc says:

    As an older subscriber (71), please do yourself a favor and get another quote. We found recently getting bids for two separate things the quotes were way off. We got a new furnace and air for a ranch house two years ago and was much cheaper. We are in Pa. Quotes were even crazy different for power washing. We’ve found just because you know someone doesn’t mean you get the best quote.


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