OVERNIGHT OATS » 6 Flavours for Easy & Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep

OVERNIGHT OATS » 6 Flavours for Easy & Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep

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If you don’t have time to make breakfast in the mornings, Overnight Oats are a meal prep game-changer. Healthy, delicious, and …

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  1. @kubackjeee
    @kubackjeee says:

    It's technically impossible that oatmeals in the morning will give u energy bro. Our body does not work this way. If u don't have Entergy in the mornings then the problem is elsewhere

  2. @sara9766
    @sara9766 says:

    I tried the Banana Bread & the Peanut Butter n Chocolate overnight oats. The Banana Bread one turned out delicious! But the PB & Chocolate oat's hard chocolate cover didn't harden overnight.

  3. @jjheipz24
    @jjheipz24 says:

    I know you said don’t use the 1-minute oats, but that’s what I currently have in my pantry. If I try to use them for these, should I alter any of the amounts to accommodate the fact that I’m not using rolled oats?

  4. @alansimon1354
    @alansimon1354 says:

    This is amazing, not just tasty and filling – but so easy. Being able to do 3-4-5 breakfasts all in one go is great. Been using berries, bananas, soy milk, almond milk, cinnamon – thanks so much for the video. Can't believe I never knew it..Always thought oats had to be cooked 🙂

  5. @michaelherrlich1536
    @michaelherrlich1536 says:

    I am doing something similar. But I am happy with less sugar without maple syrup. Just start with natural yoghurt and oats. I use oat milk. I add cinnamon and cardamom. I add frozen natural fruits in the evening and enjoy all in the morning. So yummy and healthy

  6. @trigun4
    @trigun4 says:

    Thank you so much for these recipes!
    I made 4 yesterday, tried one this morning and can say this is going to be my morning tradition 🙏🏻
    Do you know roughly how many calories is in one of these?

  7. @delt19
    @delt19 says:

    Your base recipe has been my standard overnight recipe for years now. I also add raspberries as they go very well with the maple syrup taste. Then when I'm ready to eat it, I cut up half a banana and mix about a tablespoon worth of granola. Super filling and satiating. Making my mouth water just thinking about it.

  8. @Flmom15
    @Flmom15 says:

    Omg my teengaer & I love these!! Now all the kids in the neighborhood come prep & eat them for breakfast.😒😂😂😜. Great & easy recipes!!


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