Our Best Advice on BANGS, Being Suddenly Single & College | Sadie Robertson Huff & Korie Robertson

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Sadie & Korie are back, and y’all, they have BANGS! Korie is back to share a TON of advice on all the things — whether it’s …

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  1. mandy
    mandy says:

    Korie, I listen to “whoa” podcasts all the time and I’m a middle-aged woman, so I absolutely love when you’re on and I hear things like eating at “Shoneys” and days when social media didn’t exist! These podcast reach all types of age groups and are so very appreciated ❤

  2. Patricia McGinnis
    Patricia McGinnis says:

    God loves u all sm God bless any prayer requests or any questions? God sent his only son to die for u so live for Him (not trying to force) Gods got u and is in ur corner always, fighting for u, and the best way for u to fight is on your knees, praying. Start with journaling, prayer, worship, turn off bad music, verses, living like the fruit of the spirit each day. Nobody is perfect except Jesus. Its okay to make mistakes, we all do. Feel free to reach out nd talk for anything. ask God for wisdom in every situation. God loves u and so do i. Have a blessed day friend. Some of my fav verses: Matthew 19:26, John 3:16, Isaiah 30:21. Pick 1 fruit of the spirit today, and practice and live by it in all areas. Invite God into your life, every aspect and area. Trust the story because you know the author. If there is any prayers I can pray for y'all pls lmk! God loves y'all stay faithful!

  3. Brooke Bales
    Brooke Bales says:

    Same happened with me with our dog 🐕 😂 my first “fur” baby but after kiddos and constantly breastfeeding 🤱 etc etc busy Mama, well ol’ Willie, our dog, got put on the back burner Ha. Felt bad but kiddos came first and I already was SO busy ❤

  4. Pursey
    Pursey says:

    Ladies ladies, those are not bangs! Bangs are supposed to cover your forehead, to the eyebrows give or take — you just have long layers on each side, looks the same as if you still had hair all one length. Love your videos!

  5. Breanna Charpentier
    Breanna Charpentier says:

    This was so great! Y’all have such a special family that not many have. I hope that I can be a woman who can love her family well and the joy of the Lord shines bright through like the women in your family. Blessings to you ladies! Thank you for doing this together. Loved the words of wisdom and laughter throughout but the wrap up at the end from Sadie might be a continuous quick listen for me in my current season. The timing of me listening was absolutely perfect! Looking forward to that next episode with your mama!

  6. Lola
    Lola says:

    Reading the book Strong and Kind by Korie and I loved the part about JOY and not taking ourselves too seriously! lol thank you for sharing sadie!! We need to laugh more often 😁😁😁💗💗🌳

  7. Kelsey Schwertner
    Kelsey Schwertner says:

    Listened this morning and kept checking for the video, was totally expecting straight across bangs hahah but what you guys got looks amazing!! Some of my favorite episodes are the ones with your sweet mama on them♥️

  8. Brynn
    Brynn says:

    Y’all should do a convo about your relationship and how it is built because you guys are so beautifully close and I want that in my life with my mom

  9. Angela Edwards
    Angela Edwards says:

    I lost my family not long ago and I miss seeing this family on the screen so much. It always just made me feel nostalgic and like I still had a family. Love you guys so much. Yall are absolutely beautiful inside and out. Thanks for being a light in so much darkness.

  10. Ariga
    Ariga says:

    haha i did my bangs myself and i do not regret it .(curtain bangs with layers, tutorials is one of the perks of reels on gram) i get compliments literally all the time lol but hey maybe this is my hidden talent.

  11. Zk Motivation
    Zk Motivation says:

    This is what helped me:

    1. Start meditating

    2. Focus on your goals, keep thinking about it!!

    3. Working out helps a lot… For me it was jogging early in the morning.

    4. Positive self talks…. Day in and day out!!

    5. Keep yourself busy…. You'll fail if you let your mind wander!!

    The process is hard but trust me some perseverance and self control and you would achieve it!!!


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