Organising My Life! Meal Prep, Mastering Motivation & French Learning for Organised Living 🌿🫶🏼

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  1. Patricia Hall
    Patricia Hall says:

    Hi Fern , love the slow cooker meals perfect in winter and love meal prepping , I like to use all glass too I agree much healthier ….love your nails thank you for a wonderful vlog always great health advice very inspirational….have a great week ❤

  2. Christine Smith
    Christine Smith says:

    Love your meal preps Fern, the dinners all look so yummy and healthy. As I was watching this I was eating a bowl of blueberries and bananas topped with Greek yoghurt, ginger and cinnamon, so good. ❤

  3. Maid in London
    Maid in London says:

    i've been doing exactly the same this last few weeks Fern. My crock pot has been going 24/7. I thinks it's the colder temperatures and hibernating and the need for good warm and wholesome food. You are an absolute star. You share so much good advice and try to help your subs. An angel xxx

  4. K k
    K k says:

    Hi Fern, I try my best to maintain a natural health and wellness lifestyle.

    Good swap to the glass containers from plastic. You may want to consider looking into and ditching the tefal/non stick pans and investing in a good stainless steel. The non stick coatings are full of harmful toxic chemicals too. ☠️

    Ps. Microwave and Airfryer – technically the same thing – worst things ever. Convenient but the absolute worst for your health.

    Look forward to watching your next content.

    😄 x

  5. MommyToMyBoys
    MommyToMyBoys says:

    Hi Fern! Great vlog as usual! I do love the longer vlogs! Wonderful recipes, too. My slow cooker is in use now, too. Such a great invention. Your nails look gorgeous — great length! I am very anxious to see your Keto Mojo review. I've been eyeing one for a while now, but will wait to hear your thoughts. Have a good week. ~~God Bless

  6. leeanne144
    leeanne144 says:

    My first laugh out loud of the day was your "serious" chat about sadness and depression at so much ironing and washing! Lol
    Can't believe how obsessed I am with just watching everyday life on screen. I miss having kids around my daughter is now 27.
    Thanks for the cooking tips. Here in Australia we are going into summer so slow cooker not out so much but still a good idea!
    Enjoy the cooler weather and keep motivating us!

  7. indirajane
    indirajane says:

    I really enjoy longer vlogs 🙂 Your meals looked amazing and I'm particularly interested in the desert bowl. I will definitley try to create a version of this as it looks so yum! Thanks for sharing and see you over on Strawberry Walnut 😉

  8. Laura Claudia
    Laura Claudia says:

    I loved the vlog, Fern dear, I loved the food, absolutely loved the natural nails and I have to say that you did manage to get so far from where you were ( cooking wise ) when you've started vlogging, two years ago ?! Is it two years now? I am so happy for you!!! I do hope the kids will follow your example, it is amazing what you have achieved!!! Lots of love!!❤🤗

  9. Sanja Vukasinovic
    Sanja Vukasinovic says:

    Hi Fern ! Super inspirational and informative! I used to struggle with thin and brittle nails and went to see a doctor, she gave me MERZ SPEZIAL DRAGEES , Skin Hair Nails. I used it for 2 months and never had I problems with nails, they are so normal and healthy. ❤❤❤

  10. Christine acanadian
    Christine acanadian says:

    Good morning! No snow ❄️. Lots of wind 🌬️ & double digits temps during the short daylight. The blast of really extra cold weather has faded into such terrific unseasonably weather.Yah. the chicken recipe looks great.& so too the eggplant 🍆-yam casserole. It is thrilling to have supplies ever ready for hungry faces.(then you might have time to watch Netflix. I saw a Squid Game version 2 is coming soon in NA . I watched a beautiful new movie 🍿' The Noel Diary ' warm and fuzzy Ron Com. Dear friend you are an inspiration.! I have all the stuff in the house I need so I should use it up before the mushrooms go wierd. Wayback I talked about my version of lasagna. So I'll take the time now and describe it. I use three cheeses on top of the ground beef crushed tomato sauce.(for 2 pound of extra lean browned ground beef, everything chopped some mushrooms,sweet green or red pepper, 🌶️, three or four cloves of garlic, half teaspoon of ground & dried basil &. oregano & a large can of ground 🍅🍅 tomato. Add the veggies to the browning beef & lastly the crushed tomatoes and herbs. It should end up being sloppy so it will soak into the sheets of dried pasta. I discovered the bake sheets of pasta not that long ago. I used to fool around with boiling everything which was quite time & fussy. The oven style lasagna sheets are so easy and it really doesn't end up being less quality. Duh – it took me a while to notice . So once you have the meat mix made it is a layered effect . I like to double the recipe and make it in volume so I have leftovers for the freezer. So this is the ' drill ' – p pasta, meat sauce, cottage cheese, shredded mozzarella,, shredded Parmesan Reggiano. Repeat this layering to the top . Then I like to cut up stuffed olives 🍏🍎 cherry tomatoes to make patterns that cover.. This is a very filling dish. Wonderful with toasted garlic bread & a green salad.( The work is well worth the effort it is a favorite in this house .) I better stop or maybe won't post I could go on about what you've done today but I thank you for it as usual ! Enjoyed the time!

  11. Van sf
    Van sf says:

    It's very easy to learn French grammar. You can even learn it by yourself, by getting a book of French grammar for beginners like "La grammaire pour tous" which explains how to use some basic parts of speech, sentence structurs of the language. However, English speakers may find it difficult to pronounce French words because the way how they are written and the way how they are pronounced are not very related, unnlike English and Espanol
    You must have found it difficult to pronoun the word " Rue" in La rue, or Les 200 rues les plus populaire de Paris, in which the the articulators are the uvula and the back of the tongue , but not the tip of the tongue
    The easiest European language is Espanol because you don't even need any subject to make a understandable sentence , and how you pronounce Spanish words is almost the same how they are written.

  12. Trinity Star Clara Rose
    Trinity Star Clara Rose says:

    Another great Vlog, full and packed with information and family life. I love watching you in your daily life and how are you doing things it’s very inspiring too so many of us. Thank you for sharing your experiences I love your openness and frankness, and you do it in such a sweet way. Yes, love the long blogs they’re not boring type of vlogs. You have such charisma. I love watching you.

    Will check out your new Instagram account and I probably will register and like see you there. Thank you for everything. Have a wonderful and blessed week always looking forward to Sundays when you share your life with us keep up your great spirit of Anthea them and fortitude.

    We’ve had bad weather here in Vancouver, which is very unusual for winter or fall weather. We had such high winds that it brought trees down in the residential areas and crashing on cars. I have never seen that before that was November 11 things flying everywhere. It was a bit unsettling and it happened during the evenings, so it was hard to fall asleep. So try not to feel bad when you have a few days of rain in France think of us folks and how much better off you are and it won’t last long for you but for us its 4 months and sometimes longer and continues day in and day out. This is when I would like to take off to a warm climate somewhere for a few months. This is when I wish I had family in warm climates that I could go and stay and visit with for a while.😊

    I love your long Vlogs they’re never boring they’re very entertaining. Fern your full of enthusiasm and charisma and a store house of knowledge you are a wayshower . 💕💕💕 thank you and have a wonderful week with your beautiful and loving family.💝🌈🇨🇦

  13. sylvia matthee
    sylvia matthee says:

    Since June I am weightlifting (dumbbells) every morning. I went for advice with a trainer first, as I try to be careful being only size 8. I started with an embarrassing 500g and I am now doing 2kg. 180 movements in all, every morning. Daily habit forming, with determination! Snap!! I am bulk cooking for my freezer as well. The weather in the UK has been truly appalling, and that made me get into the mood to prepare for the winter. I love it.

  14. Jenny Johnson
    Jenny Johnson says:

    Love you doing this type of vlog Fern! So interesting about the cayenne pepper too. I haven't tried the bone broth yet but will do at some point, or I will make it as per your recipe. Always look forward to your vlogs on Sunday and lovely to see sweet Nancy again xx

  15. Miss Makoti
    Miss Makoti says:

    You should check out Dr. Mindy Pelz. She is very interesting to follow in case of fasting and work-outs according to your monthly cycle.
    Also listen to the podcast she did with the doctor's kitchen…. so interesting! All women should know this, I think. What hormones you produce or lack, according to what week it is. Which foods are best to eat in which weeks and which fasts and work-outs.

  16. Julie Allen
    Julie Allen says:

    Fabulous batch cooking! It’s so satisfying isn’t it? I can’t see the link to those glass containers for some reason. I’m gradually replacing all my plastic containers and utensils too.
    Can I ask do you still take psyllium husks? If so how & when?
    Love the longer vlogs!Have a great week! 😊

  17. Born to Roam!
    Born to Roam! says:

    Hi Fern! The crock pot chicken looked amazing! I make something similar, but I use a ready-made sauce I get from Costco called Malee Thai Red Curry Sauce. It's soooo good & has a bit of a kick to it, too! Curious, do you have a Costco in your area? Asking, as it would be great for those big bulk stock up meal prep days! Love that you powered through a gym session even though you weren't feeling it, I'm on my way now & feeling the same, but know in the end I'll be glad I did it! 💪Love what you do! Hugs to you & the family! 🤗


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