One-Pot, One-Pan Thanksgiving | Melissa Clark | NYT Cooking


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Get the recipe: Thanksgiving is different this year. Whether you’re cooking the meal by yourself for the first time, or scaling it down …
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  1. jdj830
    jdj830 says:

    How would it be if you wrapped the breast in turkey bacon? Turkey on turkey? I know, there’s no fat in turkey bacon so it might just burn without doing anything for the turkey’s flavor – but could it play a role somehow? Impart some smokiness maybe? Asking for a friend.

    I have never liked marshmallows but I am all for eating a baked sweet potato as if it were a regular baked potato, with butter, salt, and some of that gravy on top (or, if you prefer, you could also use sour cream or yogurt.) It’s absolutely delicious and it’s so naturally sweet (hence the name) that it seems absolutely insane to me to add sweetness to it, especially since there’s actual dessert coming. But if you insist on playing up its sweetness you could just add a drop of maple syrup (or the cranberry sauce), a dash of cinnamon and a grating of nutmeg, and you can get a taste of the tradition without giving into the kinds of 1950s excesses that should have gone out with Jell-o molds.

    I also approve of this menu because it conforms to my three rules of Thanksgiving: no salad (out of season and the opposite of holiday cheer); no white potatoes (you eat them every other day of the year); no bread (that’s what the stuffing is for, and save room for pie.) However I am missing having something corn-based, which would be easily fixed by using cornbread for the stuffing.

  2. Passive Agressive
    Passive Agressive says:

    Wait you put marshmallows on sweet potato? And serve with Turkey? (Sorry I’m a Brit 🇬🇧and that looks so weird – but please I’m not hating on this . Just super curious 🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂) would love to know how it tastes……

  3. Jim Saunders
    Jim Saunders says:

    Melissa, love your videos. Just an idea—when you put coriander seeds or peppercorns into a mortar, cover with a thin towel, and use the pestle to crush them through it. The towel prevents spice shrapnel from going all over the counter. 😋

  4. tlhuettl
    tlhuettl says:

    Thank you! I made this on Thanksgiving, and everything turned out delicious and beautiful. I so appreciated the well-organized and wonderful recipes. You are The Best! ❤️

  5. Candis Madden
    Candis Madden says:

    Please add a disclaimer to this video that the oven mitten SHOULD NOT be left on the stove like in this video. It could save many people potential unsafe situations while making Thanksgiving.👌🏾

  6. puggirl415 puggirl
    puggirl415 puggirl says:

    Lovely! I especially love the individual sweet potato casseroles. I needed this to help me get in the spirit of Thanksgiving this year. The food bank gave us a turkey breast just like that one and a bag of dried cranberries. It's going to be that turkey slathered with herbed mayo and seasonings since we don't have bacon. Then cranberry chutney from dried cranberries. Walnut and spiced stuffed Japanese sweet potatoes and regular mashed potatoes and gravy from home made canned chicken broth from before the pandemic. I think for dessert apple pie with dried cranberries mixed in as I have lots of apples. I need to come up with a green vegetable. Likely it will be zucchini or frozen peas depending. Maybe glazed carrots since we get a lot of carrots each week. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. omegasage
    omegasage says:

    I've been so busy with college lately that I haven't fully processed that Thanksgiving (my FAVORITE holiday) is next week! This video definitely got me excited for it 😊 I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving & enjoys some yummy food

  8. Titi Omisakin
    Titi Omisakin says:

    Just needed mash potatoes and pies. Will definitely be making this though for my Gf and I. Was supposed to do a big thing with her family but we canceled it to keep the older guys safe, even though I got insurance on my plane ticket, Im traveling out to her, shes from Minnie im from Jersey. (She hates cooking lol, my GF is amazing but doesn't like cooking haha, good thing my first words was eat -fact).
    This is perfect, I was thinking about something to this effect…but you did it. Im just worried about my mash though, I dont want it to be sad only tricks I know are salt and butter.. may be bacon??
    she like apple pie I like pumpkin, no one has ever wanted less pie so ill just get two store-bought ( Any suggestions, or alternative?). The Booz will be flowing getting a couple bottles of our favorite wine 😉

  9. Chris Friel
    Chris Friel says:

    One Pot, One Pan, One huge Measuring cup, One mixing bowl, one more sheet pan to prep the turkey, a totally different bowl for prepping Brussel sprouts! you could have cut out all of the mixing bowls and the extra sheet pan.

  10. Beth Mulligan
    Beth Mulligan says:

    I am going to try your Turkey breast wrapped in bacon for myself but am doing whole Turkey at sons house this time. His wife kinda hinted that I could prep while watching grandchildren…however…they are 7 & 9 so I will definitely be doing those individual sweet potatoes baked! Thanks for recipes…happy Thanksgiving


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