OIL FREE VEGAN MASHED POTATOES & MUSHROOM GRAVY » Rich buttery potatoes and thick delicious gravy.

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Mashed Potatoes are the perfect comfort food, but top them with a creamy mushroom gravy and you will bring this dish to …

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  1. Mike Snyder
    Mike Snyder says:

    OMG, the gravy was absolutely wonderful, truly one of the best things I have ever made. My mashed potatoes were a bit lumpy but that is a problem I have always had. Definitely going to be making this again and I may even feature the gravy on either pasta or rice. Many thanks for another productive and tasty recipe!!!

  2. Brenda Severns
    Brenda Severns says:

    I have to tell you! We are LIVING off your recipes in your cookbook and on your YouTube channel! We JUST ate these and they are a new favorite! Thank you for bringing back a favorite and making it vegan no oil!!! 🥰

    You are amazing Jill!!! 🤩
    Brenda 🌼

  3. Marcus Owen
    Marcus Owen says:

    Wow. I added a little sherry to the mushroom sauce the following night and it was amazing. Thanks again Jill, you cannot imagine how helpful your show is. I wasn't aware the sherry wasn't totally plant-based but hopefully will find one that is. If you know a good one (or wine, any substitute) in Australia that is, please drop the name. Otherwise, a big thanks. 🙏

  4. Marcus Owen
    Marcus Owen says:

    Do you wait for all the water from the mushrooms to evaporate before adding cashew milk? I used less mushrooms and it came out nicely but not rich like I imagine yours is, even a bit bland, I assume because I used less mushrooms. I hope the arrowroot flour instead of the cornstarch was okay to use. Great recipe. Thanks.

  5. Grace Hall
    Grace Hall says:

    Can i just use cashew milk instead of making the cashew milk with water and cashews? And can i use cashew milk instead of almond milk for the mashed potatoes, so i don't have to buy 2 different milks in the fridge. I'm on a tight budget.


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