Oil-Free Talk Show with Nini Girl & Joey- Episode 1: Talking about family & life

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  1. Plant Based Dads
    Plant Based Dads says:

    What do you think? Is there room enough in the talk show world for Nini and I to do a regular plant based/McDougall lifestyle talk show? Leave your comments below and I will make sure Nini and I talk about them. – Joey & Nini

  2. Donna Tecce
    Donna Tecce says:

    I found Nina several months ago but videos were all 5 or more old. I loved them and her. How joyful am I to see her here. I was actually concerned hoping she was ok.
    And fake meat is loaded, loaded w oils, gums, fake stuff. Lots fat. Crazy

  3. pmg and co
    pmg and co says:

    You needed salt post op because that surgery has high post op risk of SIADH. Also, it sounds like your sodium level was low (hyponatremia). Did they tell you to restrict your fluid intake for a while? If so, your sodium levels were pretty low. Very low sodium levels after that kind of surgery can cause seizures.

  4. leslie ewing
    leslie ewing says:

    It was so good to see Nini Girl! I have noticed she stopped making videos. I occasionally go to her channel for inspiration. I enjoyed this video. And, of course, I always enjoy Joey's videos. Do this again!

  5. kiwifeijoa
    kiwifeijoa says:

    Nini videos are staples in my inspiration list. It's that she's very calm and straight forward, so it all seems so do-able. Nini Girl and Cooking with Plants got me through the early doubts about wfpb eating. Yes, totally agree about the simplicity. Lovely to see you two together, PBD is a new favourite channel.

  6. Eva G
    Eva G says:

    Yes! Make this a regular show together! Thank you guys for answering my question. Joey, we have the same feeling after a meal. A little something sweet is all that’s needed and then we’re done eating. Nini, bless you for saying, “I make dessert”. And btw you pronounced my last name correctly. Please do more shows like this. What I like most about both of you is that you’re real. You tell it like it is and there’s no judgement.

  7. SuzyQ
    SuzyQ says:

    lol—IIIIII can eat those chocolate chips. So…I don't have them in the house. I have a recipe that makes a 4 inch cake or a couple baked donuts. I have several recipes that can be cooked in a few minutes that I developed when I tore my rotator cuff. I was hopped up on CBD and in so much pain that I had to force myself to eat.

  8. Julie Johnson
    Julie Johnson says:

    I loved the video, and I think you're fantastic, so please don't take this the wrong way but you can sure tell you're a teacher because you used the word "RIGHT" 64 times in 24 minutes!😁


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