Ninja Foodi Chuck Roast


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Ninja Foodi 8qt on Amazon
2.6lb Chuck Roast…Sear for 3min a side
2cups of beef broth with onion mix packet & real onions
60 min under pressure then manual release
then add potatoes,carrots,celery
pressure for 10min then manual release
Handy Caddy
Gravy Seperator
EVO Oil sprayer
Salt,black pepper,Garlic mix
Paper towel dispenser
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My Ninja Foodi Playlist of videos
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50 replies
  1. Karine J
    Karine J says:

    Just made this tonight and it was delicious!! Thanks for the great recipe and step by step directions. My neighbors knocked to ask what I was cooking since they could smell it from outside the house.

  2. Pedro Garcia
    Pedro Garcia says:

    Wow very entertaining channel first time seeing it. you're doing an excellent job keep up the good work. By the way I love that little gadget that separates the oil or the grease from the the broth where you had the vegetables.

  3. Pan With The Plan
    Pan With The Plan says:

    Thank you so much for this video. It’s so much easier and faster than some of the other videos on here. My cats had tried to get into the chuck roast I just brought in and thankfully they just opened the package instead of getting to the meat. I had to cook it quickly and I’m still new to my ninja foodie.

  4. Mary DuVal
    Mary DuVal says:

    Thank you for sharing and also allowing me to join your facebook group, this looks delish! This weekend I bought my second Foodi, I decided to go with another 6.5qt because I like the size in my kitchen, it fits better under the cabinets. I needed it for multiple cooks at the same time, it worked out awesome. having 2 going does put off a lot of heat though.

  5. Mary H.
    Mary H. says:

    Roast looks fabulous!! Have you done pinto beans? If not can you? I want to get rid of my old pressure cooker but waiting on a pinto bean video from someone lol. Thanks! 🙂

  6. bjms591 smith
    bjms591 smith says:

    Looking delicious as always mine should be here this week coming after a massive sell out thank you Lord lol , what is the difference between manual and natural pressure release thanks and keep on cooking brother

  7. Bibi Leak
    Bibi Leak says:

    Just got the Ninja Foodi from my hubby as an early Christmas present. Can’t wait to use it. Found your YouTube Channel and wowzers am I glad I did. Your roast looks amazing. Going to try for sure. My mouth was watering so much, lol. Thanks for doing this video, I really learned a lot. Now to try my Ninja Foodi.

  8. Lee Cole
    Lee Cole says:

    Glad I found your channel, love how you do your videos. I'm sure you've already answered this question, but not sure how to search comments. Can you see a real difference between the 6.5 and 8 qt. in the way of power?

  9. Lady Bay
    Lady Bay says:

    Thank Gawd I was eating lunch as I was watching this video. It would have been sheer torture otherwise. Great video, I really enjoyed it. I think I might buy this version before buying an instant pot.

  10. Lynn D
    Lynn D says:

    Conversations at my house. Family: have you seen the Ninja. Me:Not interested. We have had this conversation over and over and over. No, No, No! I don't want one I don't need one. End of family conversation

    Then.. I found your channel. Then I saw all the delicious things you were making. The way that roast looked when you were showing how tender. Well, my Ninja Foodi will be on the UPS truck on Friday. And then… I subscribed, hit the notication bell and gave you a thumbs up.


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