New Season Simplicity Patterns – May 2023

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  1. JoAnne Saliani
    JoAnne Saliani says:

    I really like these videos. Gives me great ideas for fabric/pattern matches. I had 9700 in the 70’s. My dad sewed and he made if for me in a blue lightweight denim. Loved it. He also hacked the pattern and made me a shorter version like a playsuit sort of deal. Lol he did things his way a lot

  2. Charlotte Anderson
    Charlotte Anderson says:

    Hi Lucy – thanks for another terrific video. You and your mom both have great taste – I don't know how many of the apron wrap dress I made, but I remember my favorite was a teal pinwale corduroy. I am thrilled it is back!

  3. ladylouise1969
    ladylouise1969 says:

    I own S9700-I made this up in the 70's in a denim look double knit-I wore it a ton-and received many compliments! I'm much larger now-so I am happy to see it is now available in a more inclusive size range! :+) Thanks for giving me a nice reminder to a day when my children were young and I had LOTS of energy!! LOL!! :+)

  4. Arlene Geres
    Arlene Geres says:

    Sooo appreciate the quick and concise way that you cover these patterns. Especially love the slideshow, because it allows me to take screen shots of the ones I like.

  5. Mary Bogar
    Mary Bogar says:

    I really enjoy these videos where you show the pattern and fabric. It is so helpful as it can be daunting with so many fabric choices.
    I refer to your videos on a regular basis to see what’s trending. Thank you so much.

  6. Cheryl Life at 50
    Cheryl Life at 50 says:

    OMG Sooooo pleased you have picked up on the 70's vibe this year! Thought it was just me (1973 baby) No one else seems to be mentioning it. Styles and prints are amazing this year. x

  7. Luna'sMum
    Luna'sMum says:

    Love that penultimate dress pattern 9743. I wouldn't make the sun dress version. I can't epose my skin to the sun, not that we get much sun here in 'Sunny Devon'!! I can see it in a very drapy fabric so the pleats in the skirt don't stand out over my ample frame! Thanks for this video. I always love to see the new releases.


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