New DOLLAR TREE HAUL! June 4, 2021 #LeighsHome

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New DOLLAR TREE HAUL! June 4, 2021 #dollartree #dollartreehaul #LeighsHome TubeBuddy affiliate link: Dinner …

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  1. Bev Barstad
    Bev Barstad says:

    The milk is pretty good, I like having it in the house so when we run out, hubby loves it in his coffee and it’s great for food storage but you need to keep it hem fronted out x date is for only one year.

  2. Dollar Tree Detective
    Dollar Tree Detective says:

    We have minimum prices for milk set by the state to protect the dairy farmers in PA. I use soy milk for almost everything, but some recipes call for cows milk so those little boxes come in handy. They are difficult to get when you live in PA though!

  3. Linda Kelly
    Linda Kelly says:

    Hello Leigh.Always enjoy you "shows" The Dollar Tree you go to in Towson is on Joppa Road. It is a great store. I use the Gossner milk all the time. It is a great shelf stable product. So handy to keep in a prepped pantry. Great to have especially during the winter! Take care. Linda from Dundalk,Md.

  4. Ginger Zelidon
    Ginger Zelidon says:

    I just put the Save the Bees Pollinator, Skippy PB Bites & Lenny's & Jerry's cookies on my wish list. Lenny's & Jerry's cookies are so good. Great DT haul, Leigh! TFS!

  5. Tammy Royal
    Tammy Royal says:

    I get that milk here in TN. Surprised me that it's actually good. Love the fabric. Ponytail holders are cute!! Hope you & your family have a great weekend!! 👍🛒😊

  6. Willanda Stephenson
    Willanda Stephenson says:

    Great haul & walkthrough 🤩 ! Ok… I have to have the bunny fabric 🐰🏃🏾‍♀️ !
    …& I am sooo into the sea lately🧜🏽‍♀️ !
    …Thanks for sharing ! 😃💚🌸🐝🌹


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