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New. Asda. Food review.

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  1. muzikman2008
    muzikman2008 says:

    I do like Chicago Town pizzas more than any other, that stuffed crust is lovely. good shout on the garlic dip for the crusts too. gonna try one at weekend. It's funny i used to eat those mini pizza's with a knife and fork years ago s kid, with salad lol… i dunno but they always tasted different eating them that way to me. strange…

  2. Steven Cunliffe
    Steven Cunliffe says:

    I work in a fast food takeaway,predominantly pizzas,but do other stuff like kebabs,burgers etc. and the profit margin in pizzas is MEGA..Yeah,I know you paying for convenience of it and it's a nice treat and all that but for price of our 14'' 'All-In' is £18:60..consisting of mainly dough,which when buying ingredients in bulk like they do at work is literally coppers ! Then topped with your favourite toppings,which are extremely fine to say the least (we are trained to make less look more,believe me it IS possible) would cost maximum of £2..even with todays food prices..I just can't understand where prices of almost £20 come from.

  3. PaulB
    PaulB says:

    I was in Krakow in Poland a few years back ….. we went into an Italian restaurant …. Everyone was using a knife and fork to eat pizzas ….. But not me … got some funny looks only way to eat a pizza ….

  4. coffeeguy 66
    coffeeguy 66 says:

    That looks nice, would go down well with a cold beer from the Perfect Draft machine lol !! You've got a very charismatic grin, I reckon I'd still laugh if you were giving me a bollocking lol !!

  5. Tony Init
    Tony Init says:

    Got me an air fryer Gareth, really good kit. Haven't used me old oven since. Only thing is I've to cut the pizza in half to cook it….. Good god, talk about first world problems 🤣 love the channel ! Edit ha ha the knife and fork I laughed 🤣

  6. GavMorgan
    GavMorgan says:

    You can't eat pizza with a knife and fork…… you will burn in hell

    Chapter 8, 0:026 "thou who shall eat pizza with a knife and fork, shall rotteth in the dark depths for eternity " – Matthew from Dominos

  7. JB
    JB says:

    Nice video looks good for a frozen pizza 😋I love the Asda pizza counter 14 inch woodfired pizza up to 4 toppings for £5.25, my favourite it spicy chicken sweetcorn with extra cheese 😋😋😋

  8. Mark Chawner
    Mark Chawner says:

    Top review, Gareth. Thank you. Who would have thought we would ever say that a Pizza would become a treat and luxury item. You cooked that to perfection, Sir. Looked Delicious. Bet it tasted great. Thanks, Gareth ! 👍😉👏

  9. Andrea Elliott
    Andrea Elliott says:

    Crikey,that looks delicious! You initially think that £5 is expensive for a frozen pizza but as you say those ones from takeaway menu's are really pricey, £14 upwards where I live just for a basic large thin crust cheese & tomato! Definitely going to try your Chicago Town pizza. Thanks Gareth 😀

  10. Tueton
    Tueton says:

    Gotta say Chicago Town are by far the top tier for frozen pizzas. Have you tried their Tiger Bread crust one? Might be worth trying if not theyre top tier!

  11. Carl Mayne
    Carl Mayne says:

    I've been looking for an Air Fryer for a while now and yours looks pretty impressive from some of the videos you've done in the recent past … could you let me know what the make / model is and maybe do a small review on it .. I've had a quick check of your videos but don't see any specific videos about it.. so If I'm missing one let me know 😀 … Thanks and love the videos 😀

  12. tapdancerman
    tapdancerman says:

    Good review yet again Gareth, thanks.
    The ingredients have listed "yeast extract powder"… that often is a sneaky way of hiding the truth that it's MSG.
    The cover shows huge chunks of chicken and peppers – the reality is disappointing, you "can't distinguish the chicken" in each mouthful.
    Diphosphate, Triphosphate and Monocalcium phosphates… sound delicious don't they?
    Way too many simple carbs.
    For me, it's not worth £5 of my limited money – I've not been able to have any central heating on for the last three years.

  13. kalodner666
    kalodner666 says:

    That does look good, and the Chicago town pizzas are normally spot on.
    £5 is quite a lot for a store pizza, but if it's good as a treat I guess not bad, for it's size a few slices of garlic bread would finish it off nicely.


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