**NEW** Beating Inflation with these amazing $5 Dinners | Cheap & Easy Family Meals in 2023

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NEW** Beating Inflation with these amazing $5 Dinners | Cheap & Easy Family Meals in 2023 Hello all my fellow foodies and …

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  1. Maureen Haggerty
    Maureen Haggerty says:

    Walmart sells spaghette in half lengths. It's great for kids and the elderly with dexterity issues. It's not wrong. It's a smarter way.
    My husband likes spinning the spaghetti I would rather the half. To each his own.😊

  2. Stasia Verret
    Stasia Verret says:

    I like your ramen idea!! I do broccoli with the beef ramen (add the beef packets) and I add a little Kikkomans orange sauce. And it's really good meatless or you can add chicken or the beef stir fry strips!! (Sorry the boys don't like broccoli) Love your videos 🥰🙌

  3. Peggy Austin
    Peggy Austin says:

    I can spend only 25.00 a week and I need all the stretchy meals you can come up with. I am 76 years old and do not have a car anymore but I have food delivered from walmart. I can when possible and I dehydrate veggies to help me out

  4. Violet Villard
    Violet Villard says:

    Hi Danielle!! I grew up with the last one. Grandma Brain called it Chicken Pot Pie Casserole. She made homemade biscuits, but my mom uses Bisquick biscuits; they both covered the whole top with the biscuits. You'd probably need 1 or 2 more of those little cans to do it their way. I myself do make it too but for just me. So yeah I do it your way with can biscuits, but in a small square dish & sprinkle some cheese on top of the biscuits.

    I think that its a common easy peasy & affordable recipe that families have used over the years. There are probably alot families, like mine & yours, who have made it their own. Great Job!!

  5. Tina Blair
    Tina Blair says:

    Broken spaghetti is fine. Breaking down a whole chicken is super smart. I half expected to see a soup of some sort with homemade stock from the bones. That would be a good use of some of the ramen for an actual ramen noodle soup. I maybe a granny but the kid in me still loves ramen.
    I did also watch your recent soup video and all those looked amazing.
    Keep up with the great content. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Kristi Acosta
    Kristi Acosta says:

    Great job at coming up with some yummy meals at a cheap cost! You help many people out who are struggling to feed their families. The cost may vary somewhat between regions or by the use of coupons or apps or by use of varying spices, but at the core of it, they are still yummy, inexpensive meal ideas for a very low cost! Thank you!

  7. Wen D
    Wen D says:

    You got me at the tacos 🙂 wow what a refreshing idea thank you…going in my next shop!!! I didnt know that you could cook "on the warm" setting never given it any thought other than to keep the food warm for an extra 5 or 10 minutes…

  8. Linda F
    Linda F says:

    It's hard to find kid-friendly, healthy budget meals. You did a good job. You might try making a frittata baked pasta sometime. It's easy to do and we think it's really good. These recipes can be customized to your family's preference and you can vary meats and vegetables.

  9. Shannon Davison
    Shannon Davison says:

    I slice up smoked sausage and saute it with sliced peppers and onions. Throw in a bag of coleslaw mix. Cover pan and let that cook down. I prepare a few ramen noodle packages (don't use seasoning packets) throw that into pan and mix well then pour in some of our favourite bbq sauce. It's an amazing cheap and easy stir fry with lots of flavour.

  10. Shannon Davison
    Shannon Davison says:

    OMG, you're husband standing in the background like a stalker was too funny. I expected to see him get closer when the camera was off him then back on him lol. I've had my giggle for the day 😝😝

  11. Finding My Light
    Finding My Light says:

    I mean absolutely no disrespect but I don't consider these $5 dinners when you are using chicken you already had, liquid smoke, liquid aminos,, not everyone has those on hand and I don't consider them staples.. I understand completely why you would use them since you had them but for me when I watch these type of challenges, I am looking for total cost (accept typical spices and oil) of the meal,, not counting meat makes it extremely easy to come under $5. I enjoy your videos and I am not trying to be mean or a Karen or a hater. I use leftovers all the time but not sure these should be labeled $5 dinners without also including something that says by using what I already have,, or pantry cleanup

  12. allyroo H
    allyroo H says:

    Your husband standing in the living room waiting for you to finish Filming is cute!
    You can also make your own teriyaki sauce with soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, and then various other spices if you’d like, like ginger, garlic, etc. To me that’s all pantry items so that fits in the budget!

  13. Viki Hoover
    Viki Hoover says:

    I'm going to just throw this out there and share what I learned at my local Walmart. One of the meat department employees told me that they mark down stuff early in the morning. So the best time (for my particular store at least) is to come at around 7:00 for the best deals. So if by chance you go later in the morning and don't see any markdowns, possibly try going earlier. I hope this helps.

  14. Sharon Smart
    Sharon Smart says:

    For most people those meals would be more than 5 dollar meals but it was a tasty looking meals video just call them budget meals because they are low cost meals they looked better than most I’m a fan of your channel God bless


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