Nashville Hot STEAK Sandwich Recipe

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Beef is bringing the heat in this Nashville Hot variation. Dredged and deep-fried for the perfect crunch, this cube steak is then …

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  1. Серый Белый
    Серый Белый says:

    Я нихуя не понял вот этих манипуляций с мясом в бумаге.. Нахуй это делать на 1 мин? Показать как красиво заворачивается мясо в бумагу? 😂

  2. BigBearButt1
    BigBearButt1 says:

    I miss the other chefs approach to sharing recipes. Is this channel for promoting recipes using Certified Angus Beef, or is it a springboard for the next new quirky food network star? Pick one, please.

  3. FunAtDisney
    FunAtDisney says:

    This looks great! I only wish I could find CAB in a market near me (south Orange County, CA). The main markets I go to are Ralf’s (Kroger) and Pavilions (the upscale market of the Albertsons group). Both carry some cuts of Snake River Farms Wagyu but neither have CAB. Why so hard to find?


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