Nan’s Vegan Split Pea Soup – Stove top or Instapot

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This chunky split pea soup is loaded with vegetables and rich with flavor. You can double the recipe in an 8 quart Instapot or stove …

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  1. Michele Borland
    Michele Borland says:

    I’m making a version of this now. I use Himalayan salt also, but I also use Celtic Sea Salt which is a bit pricey, but it has health benefits Himalayan doesn’t. I watched a show where chefs prepared fish with different types of salt & all agreed the Celtic Sea Salt was superior in flavor. Just a public service announcement 😂

  2. Sue McCarthy
    Sue McCarthy says:

    Another wonderful recipe explained in simplicity looks so delicious and hearty.I will be starting a bag of scrap for stock. Funny you made this on my b’day the 10th . Do you think doubling this will still fit in a 6qt.iP thank you Nan

  3. Barbara Speicher
    Barbara Speicher says:

    Hello, I saw your recipe for ranch dressing on Chef AJ's channel and thought I would check your channel out. Your recipe looks delicious. Does this soup freeze well? You're making this on my birthday 🙂

  4. Gretchen Simon
    Gretchen Simon says:

    Hi Nan, I saw your recipe for ranch dressing on Chef AJ's channel and decided to subscribe to your channel. I live close by the Local Spicery (Marin County Norcal) so I'm going to pick up the dill seed for the dressing and herbs for this delicious looking soup. Have a great day.


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