My THOUGHTS on High Carb Hannah and the Fad Dieting


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High Carb Hannah has had a very inconsistent message over the year of me watching her and I just wanted to say a few things about that. She isn’t a bad …
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  1. Cajun Velo
    Cajun Velo says:

    Marketing is what she did for a living before YT fame so she knows how to market anything including herself. Yet, genetics is a factor on how slow or fast you lose weight another big factor is getting off the alcohol and legal/illegal drugs. But YT is about promoting/money otherwise Cycling Slim would be at the top of YT because he lost the weight by sheer willpower and effort I was one of his 1st subbers so people looking for motivation should check out his older videos but he doesn't post that often. Thanks for the video it needs to be said.

  2. K
    K says:

    Metabolic damage is just nonsense durianrider and bananafreelee say. At best you would gain a little extra weight from increase fiber but you dont start ballooning unless you are in a huge caloric surplus. They would argue that it would take years to correct metabolic damage which is rubbish and why its dangerous to follow youtube broscience hipsters and not real doctors like mcdougall, campbell and Neal Bernard. It is all "calories in calories out "without exception. Eating a whole food plant based diet simply has a lower caloric density than meat and oil. Durianrider would be to eat minimum 3000 calories a day. It doesnt matter whether you exercise or not just eat huge quantities of food. Nah just have a 12 banana smoothie with a "CUP OF SUGAR ON TOP" far over 1000 calories and it doesnt matter. "EAT TILL YOUR SATISFIED NOT TILL YOU WILL BURST". Just terrible advice thrown out from them and why they are a joke in the vegan community.


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