My Instant Pot Turnip Cake (lo bak go) addiction

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  1. Gavin Koh Aquascaping
    Gavin Koh Aquascaping says:

    Oh my goodness, I do love this dish! In Singapore we call it Chai Tau Keuh! Love having it pan fried, especially with an egg and then drizzled with sticky ABC sauce! Great video! I've also have not had Lap Cheung in decades…..I'm a vegetarian now, but I did love it when I wasn't 😀

  2. Dad's Dishes
    Dad's Dishes says:

    I had to watch this because the first time I tried a turnip it was pretty awful. So when I saw the word 'cake' attached to turnip, I was intrigued at how it could be made less awful, lol. Very good point about the condensation on the instant pot lid! And pan fried, of course

  3. Easy Cooking Recipes
    Easy Cooking Recipes says:

    Wow delicious chinese turnips cake savory taste looks fantastic 👏 😋 fully watched 💯 and LIKE 👍 for you my new friend ❤ thank you for great sharing and delicious recipe of turnip, I would like to try it 👍🌷

  4. Rhubarb And Cod
    Rhubarb And Cod says:

    Another fantastic one! Thank you so much for this! I really have no idea why it would take on that name, except you often run into strange name changes specifically around root vegetables. Turnips being called radishes being called rutabaga… it's very confusing! I think I'd personally go for the pan fry… that looks extra delicious to me! Beautiful video Andrea!

  5. Anadi Misra
    Anadi Misra says:

    Oh very cool how this was made in the Instant Pot! It really does do great things! I can see why you're addicted to that for sure! I think I'd like both pan-fried and simply cooked, but you can really never go wrong with pan-fried! I've never heard of a turnip cake but I'm sure this is so good, really enjoyed seeing you make this!


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