“My Homemade Goldfish Recipe Got Me Canceled.” with @gretchy | The Spillover

“My Homemade Goldfish Recipe Got Me Canceled.” with @gretchy | The Spillover

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She’s the most evil mom on the internet because she…made her kids homemade goldfish? Listen to the real story behind the …

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  1. @kayleighdumond8863
    @kayleighdumond8863 says:

    I’m both terrified and inspired. This video popped up in my YouTube feed and I clicked it- the first 30 seconds I was like omg this is me but I haven’t taken the leap yet! So I went vegan along with my family about 7 years ago thanks to documentaries like Forks Over Knives convincing me that this is the healthiest and best thing to do. I have been feeling the past year or two that we are doing the wrong thing and slowly we have introduced a little bit of dairy back into our home, and I’ve started making meat for my family but I haven’t been able to bring myself to eat it! I’m still so torn between what is the real truth! I do believe processed is bad but is dairy good? Is meat good? I guess I have a lot of research to do (again) but how to decipher truth from lies?!!

  2. @danielabosque7680
    @danielabosque7680 says:

    I love Gretchen’s content and I love Nara’s content too. I think they say Gretchen copies her because her video execution is exactly like Nara’s, not because they both cook from scratch haha. The voice tone, mannerisms and even words are the same. Nevertheless, I do love Gretchen’s content and I don’t compare them

  3. @QueenieEileenie
    @QueenieEileenie says:

    Man. Here I was thinking I was doing everything right by not buying ultra processed foods and getting our meat from Good Ranchers. Apparently, I still have a lot to learn. But this is good. I’m always hunting for things my daughter and I can do together. I think she’d love a gardening class. She and I can learn these lost skills together.

  4. @jasmintrevino5
    @jasmintrevino5 says:

    I totally agree with her on everything but I was getting so paranoid of everything that my cortisol went up and I over worry myself for everything I see in ingredients because I think of my child.. I worry for him but then realize I have God and He won’t forsake us he has our back that is why we pray for our foods. But I do what I can so I can give my family the best. The only problem everything is so expensive especially local….

  5. @myopinions1
    @myopinions1 says:

    I used to make everything from scratch and now I make nothing from scratch but still eat organic. There are so many organic dye free foods that are now available that weren't available back them. Both are not disordered eating. Your kids always prefer homemade delicious from scratch food if you can afford the kitchen time to make it.

  6. @jessann5581
    @jessann5581 says:

    When I seen the short, I came here, found her channel and subscribed.
    Im with this mum. Good on you Gretchy for making your kids a healthier alternative.
    All a bunch of lalas that honestly don’t deserve to have kids if they just complain about HEALTHY FOOD.
    Lazy bunch of knobs.

  7. @Ashleysanders218
    @Ashleysanders218 says:

    The record setting number of Americans who voted for Biden, aren’t going to vote for someone who has been charged with dozens of felonies because he tried to illegally disenfranchise their votes….

  8. @lizsa5727
    @lizsa5727 says:

    So true what she is saying! My dad grew up in Mexico in a small ranch where all they ate was what they grew themselves or could afford to buy from nearby other families. They raised and butchered their own chickens, pigs, cows, drank raw milk, made their own cheese , grew their corn and made their own nixtamalized masa. My grandmother and aunts would grind their corn on metates (flat volcanic stone similar to a molcajete.) because they had no electricity. He grew up a very simple but beautiful life! I was fortunate enough to experience some of that life myself as a child spending my summers in the ranch and watching my aunts do this. We also had no washing machines so had wash clothes by hand! 😅 Many of the elders there were so healthy because they ate so natural. No fast food or any processed food because it didn’t exist there at the ranch at that time. My dad always said this to me growing up that eating processed food is bad but I didn’t think he was right until now I realize that he was 100% right!

  9. @Danielley96
    @Danielley96 says:

    I just want to say this podcast has really changed my life! I started listening to you in October of 2023 and have learned so much from you and the guests you have on. I went vegan from the age of 20-26 because of how poorly animals are treated in commercial farms. When she started to describe their living conditions it actually made me cry. I started eating meat again almost 2 years ago due to health issues but was buying the poor quality stuff from the grocery store. When I found your podcast I got motivated to find a local farm to buy meat from. I was able to find a regenerative and humane certified farm to buy beef from that’s only an hour away from me. I also started exclusively buying grass fed butter, tallow, and milk. I still have a lot of progress to make when it comes to the cheese and bread I use but the switches I’ve made in the 8 months I’ve been listening to your podcast have had such a big impact on my life. I feel so much healthier and literally never crave snacks or sugar. Thank you so much for all the good information you put out into the world!

  10. @novasmotion
    @novasmotion says:

    I am loving these Alex! I’ve already made the switch with some products…sweet treats made from scratch at home, with natural sweeteners. Mayo from my backyard chickens, homemade marinades and dressings, sourcing local raw milk and more. I love the inspiration I’m gathering from these guests to keep pairing into the health of my family!


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