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Homestead Cooking will be a new ongoing series. I’ll walk the garden, pick fresh ingredients, discuss garden tips, and cook them up in some form or fashion that …
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  1. kaisenji
    kaisenji says:

    I have been seeing a lot of the towers lately it makes me almost want one. However, we have a TON of wind so unless that is cemented into the grown, we usually plant. I still want to try it for just the herbs so its more centralized.

  2. Green Love
    Green Love says:

    Lovely video. SO nice to see how what you grow in the garden actually becomes food on the table. I made a copycat video…and gave you credit of course. Hope you don't mind!

  3. Quietjohn Out And About
    Quietjohn Out And About says:

    I followed your video on starting tomato plants, especially on keeping the light on just as they are emerging. Worked great. I am going to have to get your book because for many years now I never get my lettuce and spinach to be so plentiful this early in the growing season. l am from pa. Are you not in maryland

  4. Jessica Kurtz
    Jessica Kurtz says:

    Eating this fresh is what makes a garden so enjoyable. I was always so worried about preserving my harvest that until last year I never enjoyed the fullness of fresh eating. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Kelly Henry
    Kelly Henry says:

    My copy of your book came yesterday and I love it. Beautiful writing, informative in all the ways I would have expected from you, and the photography is inspiring. Can't wait for even more content!

  6. Jenaya Sonia
    Jenaya Sonia says:

    Perfect timing for me, I have radishes in my garden ready to harvest and I just realized I have no idea what to do with radishes other than eat them raw 😂 will definitely try this breakfast!

  7. Anita Murphy
    Anita Murphy says:

    I absolutely love going out and gathering garlic, onion, spinach, some herbs and my chicken's eggs. Some days its quiche, but mostly a scramble.
    It's a great way to wake up!


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