My family loves this 2 ingredient sopita! #recipe

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Here is another budget friendly meal idea. My family loves when I make sopitas. The premixed package of fideo makes for a …

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  1. Judy Parker
    Judy Parker says:

    You go girl! This is a great quick meal. Love the quesadillas with it. I work at a cattle auction in their food court and quesadillas is a great meal sometime at three a.m… to feed these ranchers on auction day, or night. It takes as long as it takes!!!

  2. Glamdolly30
    Glamdolly30 says:

    You are adorable, and forgive me for a mild note of negativity, but too many of these Mexican-style recipes just aren't to British tastes. That is a very basic packet soup mix, which looks depressingly bland – and you seem to eat some version of the bread pancakes/tacos/enchiladas with everything! As you say – To each his own!


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