My Commander Jank-Off With One More Mana | Shuffle Up & Play #3 | Magic: The Gathering Gameplay

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  1. XxAponexX
    XxAponexX says:

    As a self described jank lover, I have to say that Ken's deck is…dare I say it… one of the most blatant and ridiculously hilarious jank decks I have come across… I must mimic this jank and play it with my playgroup, who consistently plays over tuned near competitive decks! MUAHAHAHAHAH!

  2. BrendyLove
    BrendyLove says:

    Honestly I love playing with cheap decks. Makes winning with them feel so much better. I have 3 decks that are all under 50$ and 2 of them are under 25 and they can compete with any deck at the table.

  3. The5lacker
    The5lacker says:

    So something to point out at 1:23:30 is that Rakdos Charm DOES NOT READ "Rakdos Charm deals damage to target opponent equal to the number of creatures they control." It reads "EACH CREATURE deals 1 damage to its controller."

    Each creature. Controlled by each player. Cast by a player whose life total is 6 and whose creature count is 7.

    Ken should've just let that resolve to teach you a lesson about Hubris, Prof. He could've even saved himself with the Stunning Reversal. You gotta Read Those Cards, even in a jank-fest.

  4. Jérôme Colard
    Jérôme Colard says:

    24:19 I might say something wrong, but I think Prof should have drawn his top card before the sphinx trigger, because sphinx's trigger go first on the stack, then Eye's Tyrant go on the stack, so resolve first ^^ But still a good game to watch 😉


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