My BIGGEST Grocery Haul YET!! / Large Family Grocery Shopping / Stock UP

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Hey y’all today’s video I will be sharing with you My BIGGEST Grocery Haul Yet for my Large Family of 10. This took me 3 day …

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  1. @shopwithjen
    @shopwithjen says:

    Great video!! I just did a huge $700 costco haul too lol ! haven't been here in a while. i just got back to YouTube myself actually with a COSTCO HAUL today lol! I missed youtube so much (i had to have a majoe surgery 1 month ago) 😢 Gotta love Costco, great haul ❤❤❤❤

  2. @tinkerbellwiz
    @tinkerbellwiz says:

    Hi there first time watching your videos it came up in feed very nice family and nice grocery haul enjoyed watching and decided to subscribe thank you my name is sherry tink is my nickname I'm from California nice to meet you 😊😊❤

  3. @michellelevels8108
    @michellelevels8108 says:

    How do you keep all that produce from going bad. I would have nasty fruit flies in a matter of days. I never buy more than what can be eaten in a couple of days when it's fresh fruit or vegetables

  4. @lavernejones4471
    @lavernejones4471 says:

    I was so excited to see this! I love your hauls! Your baby boy is so adorable. He has a lot to say😂🥰🥰
    Your entire family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and all the little extra things you add. I really enjoyed it.🤗💕

  5. @naomihartman6623
    @naomihartman6623 says:

    Salami is not good for males over time it can course. Prostate cancer same with poloney any processed meats does it ever I since I knew it for over 10 years I do not buy it to give them better chance of not getting it a proven fact to keep in mind

  6. @soniaibarra1926
    @soniaibarra1926 says:

    First time Watching from Texas. ❤❤ You're son is so Adorable. 💙💙👶👶 Great Grocery Haul. 👍🏻👍🏻 Blessings and have a Great Weekend Beautiful Family. 🙏❤🌻🌷


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