My BEST Mongolian Beef Recipe… a weeknight noodle stir-fry | Make it Wednesday | Marion's Kitchen

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My Mongolian Beef recipe includes my technique for a super tender beef stir-fry PLUS chewy udon noodles! This Chinese beef …

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  1. E. Brown
    E. Brown says:

    Seen from your beef garlic/ginger mushroom dish, I've been using your trick for beef ever since and I swear by it at this point. Also love that dish paired with fried rice. I use so many of your recipes in my kitchen. Thanks!

  2. Salome Sharp
    Salome Sharp says:

    Lovely.. watching from England.. WOW… that looks delicious recipe… thank you for sharing.. sending support.. love Sally and Paul 🦋🌹🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  3. Joe
    Joe says:

    Hello There! Jose from Davis CA, 1:00AM super hungry after the gym. Fish tacos, I don’t think I’ve seen you cook fish tacos. Do you happen to like fish tacos. I’m attempting your boa buns with crispy sticky chicken soon. I’ve been slowly acquiring my ingredients and cookware for that dish. 👨‍🍳 🙌🏽

  4. Ann Seebalack
    Ann Seebalack says:

    Watching from Toronto, 🇨🇦 love having Mongolian beef at the restaurant but now will love making it myself! I've NEVER failed with any of your recipes 💛🤗🤗

  5. Melanie Muncaster
    Melanie Muncaster says:

    Hi Marian! Melanie from Canada. Love your channel ! I’m so grateful for all of the tips and techniques you provide. Makes all the difference. I watch you most days so thanks for the continuous inspiration xo

  6. Shaye M
    Shaye M says:

    I'm Italian American and my husband is Korean, so fresh garlic is EXTREMELY important to us. The only time I think a "paste" is warranted is with South Asian cooking, like ginger/garlic paste sold at many Indian stores. I grew up in a town with a lot of Indian people and ate at friends' houses pretty often, and that is something their moms used all the time. So if I'm making some kind of Indian dish that calls for it, I'll happily use it without feeling like I'm insulting my ancestors.

  7. Richard Engelhardt
    Richard Engelhardt says:

    To counter the Wednesday night "what to cook for dinner" blues, my mother kept various recipe clippings and on Wednesdays always cooked something new that we had never eaten before. We kids always like helping to cook on this day, because it was when my mom tried out "weird" ingredients we had never seen before, or recipes from various international cuisines. (This was the 1950s…) Then, at the end of dinner, the whole family (there were 6 of us) would vote "keep or throw". If "keep," the recipe went into the monthly rotation. If "throw," my mother would ceremonially incinerate the recipe in the candles on the dinner table, while we all toasted (wine for my parents, juice for us kids) "bad (not "bon") appetit"! Usually, my youngest brother cast the deciding vote.


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