My 2022 MTB Race Bike Setup. The New Factor Lando

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Factor has just entered the mountain bike market with the new Factor Lando. In this video I get into how exactly I set this bike up …

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  1. Alexandra
    Alexandra says:

    About the oversized pulley and cage – practically I found after using them for 1 season, that its prone to attract more sticks, leaves, mud, etc collecting and is more prone to getting bent or having to clean it out mid-ride or you notice slower shifting. Thats why I stopped using the larger pulleys on both my trail and gravel bike.

  2. Dean Williamson
    Dean Williamson says:

    Hey Dylan, love your channel. I am looking at picking up a Lando. What rear shock are you running? It looks like the DT swiss unit that they spec on their complete builds. I have heard some people struggling to setup those units.

  3. NoBrakes23
    NoBrakes23 says:

    Do the factor bars allow for the use of aero clipons? I have a Scott/Syncros Hixon barstem, but its shape would seem to disallow clipons, (Or even a light mount.)

  4. 1carus John
    1carus John says:

    NIce sensible approach to xc where weight savings in some ways would be more applicable than flat road, F=M*A and all, many accelerations compared to road and over long durations all add up. Factor seem to be a company hitting form all over the place and the finishing kit seems to be hitting the mark too! Both road and MTB.


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