Moving on after our loss │Week 223 Weight Loss Inspiration

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Today’s video is about finding inspiration to snap you out of something that brings you down. Last week, we lost our beloved …

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  1. MB76
    MB76 says:

    I absolutely love your insight on the canine carnivore…really cool analysis! Hope your family is doing well…Can't wait to meet your new puppy…too soon? 😂

  2. Nenah Favelle
    Nenah Favelle says:

    Great news about your heart. But why do you buy into the belief you will end up needing intervention? Just because your family has the issue doesn't mean you won't heal and avoid it. It's all a belief, and ifni can heal from broken neck & back to walk again, you can heal your condition too…the mind body connection is super powerful + you can heal yourself. ❤

  3. Jan Easton
    Jan Easton says:

    I love your closet idea…inspiring me to do mine this week! I am so sorry about the loss of your beautiful dog…he became a part of my life and all of your followers…thank you for sharing him with us. He lived a very blessed life…great job Jess!

  4. Kim Brown
    Kim Brown says:

    Hi Jess, could you please tell me what brand your kitchen scale is and where you got it? Mine just bit the dust and I need a new one. I really like the one that you have shown in your videos. Thanks

  5. David Adcock
    David Adcock says:

    I lost my fury best friend last October and I cried for a week. Thankfully I knew turning to oreos was not going to make the situation different or change the pain one bit. Hopefully you can find another fury friend to share your love with again as I did. Things in Life Happen!!! I keep my obese pants out where I can see them in the closet as a reminder what a couple oreo's will do. NOT weighing every day makes it to easy to start gaining the weight back. I am NOT going to loose the same pound over and over again as in the past. Good Luck and hopefully you can get back on track.

  6. Jennifer Lindorff
    Jennifer Lindorff says:

    I ended up coming to this video from your 100lb weight loss video in January of 2020. I’m SO glad to see you are still kicking ass!
    On a different note, I’m very sorry to hear about your fur baby 😢 That’s such a difficult change! You’re doing an amazing job navigating the emotional eating challenge. Something I’m still trying to figure out…

  7. Teresa Jarabek
    Teresa Jarabek says:

    Insightful observation on the way Kohlee ate carnivore and lived an exceptional long life for a large dog. Makes so much sense. Love the closet inspiration too. Way to go Jess!

  8. Nancy Hickman
    Nancy Hickman says:

    This brought to mind something that happened to me last year. My heart doctor told me that test were not showing any heart problems. I was told back in 2015 that I had a heart attack. Now years later after doing low carb with keto recipes, he tells me No Heart Attack! Now maybe it makes sense.
    I think loss of a pet us so much harder on pet lovers.
    Glad that you are back on course.

  9. Trudi Anne Jones
    Trudi Anne Jones says:

    So sorry for your loss Jess, it’s not an easy decision to help your fur babies cross the rainbow bridge 😞 thinking of you all and sending you lots of cwtches and love from us all xx 🐾💙

  10. Stephanie Nelson
    Stephanie Nelson says:

    I could totally relate. So sorry for your loss. We put our dog down in March and we weren’t prepared for the test result from the vet. They are our family, so sorry for your loss. One day at a time.

  11. Renee White
    Renee White says:

    Hi Jess, I’m new here. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your fur baby. I hope she is running pain free on the rainbow bridge with your other pets. Big hugs and I hope you and your family start to feel not so sad very soon. 🤗

  12. Carol Gallaher
    Carol Gallaher says:

    Oh Jesse, my heart hurts for all of you! I am a Fur Mama also (no 2-legged kids here!) so I above, beyond & completely understand Fur Babies being Family members! 🐈🐈‍⬛
    I have been distracted in my own life & haven't been following you for several months until today! . . . Oh my, I didn't realize how much I miss your inspiration! So happy to be back!
    Btw, you are as beautiful as ever! 😊

  13. Jennie Adams
    Jennie Adams says:

    I've been wondering how you're doing. It's so hard to lose our furry family members. So glad you're getting back on track before it gets out of control. Sending yall love and prayers ❤

  14. Diane Gougelet
    Diane Gougelet says:

    Hi~new here. So sorry for your loss. I'm glad for you that you were able to channel your sadness into productivity.
    I'm into my 3rd month of low carb/keto eating. Doing it for my health (Type 2 Diabetes). Really enjoyed your video today. Looking forward to getting to know you better & seeing what you cook. Boy, am I learning something new every day!


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