Most Expensive Mango and the BEST Wagyu in Japan | Miyazaki

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This week we’re on a little road trip in Japan in the Kyushu prefecture. We’re specifically in Miyazaki. Miyazaki is famous for …

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  1. Frederick Spector
    Frederick Spector says:

    Happy Birthday Jocelyn,
    What a cheap skate,, Taku should have shelled out the 2 grand. .it's only money and we think your priceless:)
    if you had two Mangoes, one like that one and another, well grown but an "inferior "grade, could
    you tell the difference?
    I wonder?
    Frederick "Rik" Spector

  2. Boy_Talonguest
    Boy_Talonguest says:

    Let's try the pilipino mango
    Most the best mango in the world
    I hope someday you visit here in the Philippines 🇵🇭
    Let try green mango salad with shrimp phase ang tomatos.
    You welcome tako and jocelyn to visit the Philippines 🇵🇭

  3. Duane Burton
    Duane Burton says:

    hahahaaa what did i just watch?!!?? you look like you're living in paradise.

    i love watching a fish drag you around in a kayak, but this made me smile… enjoy the journey you two <3

  4. Keng Moua
    Keng Moua says:

    What can get better than that? You can actually grow mangoes in most of cali, up as far as sac (zone 9a or zone 9b). Mango is thriving produce grown in cali competing with florda.

  5. James Griffin
    James Griffin says:

    Years ago I was in Tobago. Vendors would walk down the beach selling mangos. They were julie mangos. They were hands down the best mangos I ever had. Intense flavor and juicy non fibrous flesh. Just perfect.

  6. Rosemeen Poindexter
    Rosemeen Poindexter says:

    Thank you for this, my husband and I will be there in November, looking forward to going where you guys had the Mangoes and beef. I so enjoy watching you both. Vinaka (thank you) from Fiji islands 😊

  7. zeldanrj3
    zeldanrj3 says:

    Happy Birthday Jocelyn!! That was mango 🥭 heaven.. I know this is a day you'll never forget. Waygu and Mango.. yummm.
    That simmering kettle you soak in, looked so uhhhmazing! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I know my joints would be so happy.
    Thank you for taking us along, on the celebration Taku..

  8. l m
    l m says:

    Happy Birthday (belated) 🎂 Jocelyn. The food in Japan look delicious as always. Mangoes (sweet fruits) are delicious and healthy. Win-win.

  9. James Sudek
    James Sudek says:

    When you treat yourself occasionally for a special day wagu and mango that are expensive is certainly ok. It's ok if it's not a special day. It was wonderful watching you have an awesome experience on your birthday. Thanks for sharing. ❤


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