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That’s what she said she wanted, so we’ll do our best.

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  1. Joe S
    Joe S says:

    Every country has been established through war and other horrors like genocide and slavery. Every. Single. Country. So don't rag on the USA too hard, it's run better than China & Russia, right? At this point all we can do is say "our shared ancestors did this and that bad" and commemorate it as a part of history that we have hopefully learned from and moved onto new, slightly less horrible thing. Progress is slow. We can say "our ancestors were horrible" and be miserable about it or we can say "we know better now and will never repeat those things" and, sort of celebrate. It's what we do.

    Oh and I'm so honored that you pinned my other post. You made my day! It didn't take too long to write really, I got about a quarter way through your video and was totally tearing up and decided to rewind and just started typing stuff while listening to you. It was what I would want to say to my daughter and it made me feel good to write it, you know, other than sobbing while doing it a bit.

  2. Kimberli Sauer
    Kimberli Sauer says:

    Sweetheart, we work with what we have at the time, we as children aren't responsible for our parents happiness. I am a mother, I don't expect this from my children, they have their own lives. I am the child of a deceased parent (my dad) i miss him, I wish I'd spent more time with him, but, there were barriers, I had a step mother that was not welcoming, I was raising my kids and had my own shit to deal with. I have regrets, things I could have done better, but, I cant go back and change it now, I think he knows that. ( maybe) He made mistakes too. But, he knew I loved him. And your mom also knows that you loved her. I believe this. Grief is a day to day struggle. It changes, morphs, its easier some days, harder others. Just do what you can with it, hourly, daily, weekly. 💞

  3. TheCotzi
    TheCotzi says:

    When it comes to meat in germany we can wash bit we can eat most of it raw except chicken we eat pig as schweinemett or even Beef or turkey when wh cook meats even pork is consumed a little bit pink and all the others except chicken also can be pinkish to rare or even bleu

  4. Christy Hoehn
    Christy Hoehn says:

    Well I’m 74 and I know I’m old. But I only FEEL old occasionally and although I think I should probably end it, I am enjoying life. I have a hilarious daughter, an amazing grandson and I don’t feel the pressure to socialize. I love my house and I stay busy in it.

  5. Christy Hoehn
    Christy Hoehn says:

    My mother never wanted me to have more than she had growing up. We were 3 girls with a VERY successful father but mom always said : “I never had that…..” so she kind of kept us down….once I realized that she didn’t really like me, I just faked the relationship…. She didn’t want to be alive in her later years ( same as my younger sister )… I guess I lived the crazy wild wonderful lives for them….they’re all gone now and although I harbor a little anger, it’s very freeing, you know? Of course I don’t have the Grandmother issue ( which someday will make you happy with yourself- I took care of my dad during the last year of his life, and am very happy with myself that I had that opportunity ). ❤️

    Sorry June… I don’t mean to say what you will feel…… love you!

  6. Celeste Watson
    Celeste Watson says:

    God, i love your nihilism. I find it restful. No need for fakery, just total bald truth. Gives me a safe space. Which I need, as I just lost my mom, and i am very tired.
    And I have cooked like you for 4 decades so there's that, too. It's been hard to focus but cooking has kept me sane. PS: your chili oil from 2020 changed my life and I make it monthly. Oxox


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