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Here you have a great idea to use the leftover turkey and stuffing from Thanksgiving!! Eat them right away or freeze them for up to 10 days!!! 4 C shredded or …
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  1. Fleugar OutDoors
    Fleugar OutDoors says:

    I must say I love your video's, I am also a gourmet cook. Are you single?, lol. Your a lovely woman….Debo decir que me encantan tus vídeos , también soy un cocinero gourmet . ¿Estás sola ?, jeje. Su una mujer encantadora

  2. D Thurmond
    D Thurmond says:

    Awesome idea. Love the idea of using the stuff for the inside crust. Wow. Thanks for Sharing. I've got to do this for Christmas. Our Thanksgiving was cancelled due to a ice storm but at least I got a plate of food from a friend.

  3. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Hey, Sandy . . . you look great as always! <3 This is a really TERRIFIC idea for using leftover turkey! Wow! :-0 Good for you! Is there any reason why the pies would not last longer than 10 days in the freezer? If you froze the pies BEFORE cooking them at 5:05 would it make any difference? Just wondering. Thanks SO much for your videos, and I sure hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving, too! Take care and thumbs up as always, Norfolk Joe xoxxx


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