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Millet Recipe | Barnyard Millet Upma | Barnyard Millet Fried Rice | Easy One Pot meal Salam, I Am Chef Sahajan Ayurveda …

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  1. Richa Bisht
    Richa Bisht says:

    millet recipes are so amazing i just love them.. i have never known the benefits of millets until i came in contact with planet ayurveda such benefits the millets have lovely

  2. Prajith Prasad
    Prajith Prasad says:

    Recipe is excellent..but any millet have to be soaked bf cooking, atleast for 5-6hrs…else the nutrient init will not be in way its needed for our body indeed will cause some issues….plz be careful while cooking shortcut …..just fallow our grand or grt grand parents techniques while cooking millet….all the best

  3. Meenu Sharma
    Meenu Sharma says:

    U didn't wash it and soak it for 8 hours.bcz milets actually good for helth when it's soak for 8 hours otherwise it may cause constipation and don't provide proper nutrients valu.

  4. Sudha Sumitran
    Sudha Sumitran says:

    Is it ok to do the tadka , sauté the veg and add the millet which can be roasted. Then add the required amount of water. In this way , the flavours of the veg can be incorporated into the barnyard.


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