MEALS IN THE MAKING #28 | Chicken Adobo

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This one we LOVED!!! Chicken Adobo Recipe: Ingredients: 24 oz cooked boneless skinless chicken breasts 1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce (do not use regular, …

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  1. Theresa Ellis
    Theresa Ellis says:

    I grew up eating Chicken Adobo. Still one of my favorite meals EVER!! My Mother's is the best!! LOL of course! I am on day 3 of my own Optivia Journey! Would have never thought to make this as my Lean and Green…but this is definitely going on my recipe list!! Thank you so much! One more thing…any good Mac & Cheese hacks….waffler maybe???

  2. Betty Allen
    Betty Allen says:

    I'm not sure i am in right place but i was I was wondering if I used garlic mashed potato fueling one tbs from the rayo 1sauce tablespoon rayo chopped tomatoes 1 laughing cow cheese 1tbs parmesan cheese 3 pieces turkey pepperoin would this be 1 fuel 1 healthy fat .30 green ?


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