Martha's Fudgey Keto Protein Cookies | Equip Protein Powder Recipe

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Martha’s Fudgey Keto Protein Cookies | Equip Protein Powder Recipe Get to know Martha here:

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  1. @pattyjohnson5228
    @pattyjohnson5228 says:

    Well after seeing this- I decided to get up immediately and make this. I don’t know how it’s going to timewise work out with a convection convection oven, but here goes. looked so yummy. 😋😋

  2. @smiling4u2
    @smiling4u2 says:

    I have been on carnivore but I do have carnivore desserts as I don't have any issues with dairy and I understand my results might be slower because of that but it is what's keeping me on track and the I am enjoying all the other benefits aside from weight loss . And maybe later I will eliminate or lessen how often I have those things but for now that's what I'm doing. With that said , I did have some chocolate chips made with stevia and others with monk fruit. I have tried making keto desserts with the different flours and I don't do well with those and I have also tried egg white protein and didn't care for the results but I never would have thought of using beef protein powder to bake so thank you for this because I happen to have a vanilla bone broth powder and I made two mini Bundt Cakes instead of the cookies and it is absolutely delicious and the consistency is soft and fluffy and fudgy! 😊

  3. @gailm.8190
    @gailm.8190 says:

    Oh wow!! I struggled forever trying to get a beef-based protein powder to work and finally gave up. These look phenomenal!! Thank you to you both for sharing this!! Yummy!! 😊

  4. @michelea256
    @michelea256 says:

    Talk about a timely video!!! I have a bag of the chocolate Equip from when it was on sale last and since I put LMNT in my coffee, wasn’t really sure what to do with it. This is great!!! Just out of curiosity, why are they better after refrigerating? ❤🧈🥩

  5. @beckers68
    @beckers68 says:

    Can I use plain gelatin instead of collagen? I don't have any around, but I SO want to try these! I'm so happy you posted this! I have been missing my cookies since going Ketovore. Stevia works well with me too!

  6. @Storge.
    @Storge. says:

    You said to check what we have in the pantry…I have 2 packets of KC Core left and don't want to waste them…do you think chocolate Core would work? And also, I think the cocoa probably is the substitute for a flour…how many T. would you say with the KC Chocolate Core? Tysvm!


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