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Look no further than Mandy Lee’s crispy potato sticks for anyone obsessed with crunchy, salty, spicy snacks. In this recipe, she …

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  1. u_u
    u_u says:

    Mandy's recipes are my favorite. she gives such specific detailed instructions, i can tell she has such a passion for flavor and texture and all things kitchen 🙂 love her personality shining through as well

    "depart!" while tilting body back lol

  2. Calvin Kemp
    Calvin Kemp says:

    "Moisture has departed" is by far the superior way of describing the process. I am certainly going to use it from now on. This recipe looks so good, can't wait to try it.

  3. Afif Fathan Nur
    Afif Fathan Nur says:

    This is basically my menu in the morning, crispy potatoes stick with rice and fried egg and don't forget the sambal.. it's totally awesome and be careful because later you'll realize that you eat the entire batch 🤣.
    In my country (I'm from Indonesia) there's similar dish called "Kentang Mustofa" kentang is potatoes and Mustofa is the name of A chef who basically invented or introduce this dish, he's chef from merdeka palace(it's like white house), the only difference is in kentang Mustofa the potatoes is seasoned with caramelized sambal instead of powdered seasoning, and it usually eat with rice and this dish is famous for bring up somebody's appetite to 10 folds..

  4. Nguyen Gia
    Nguyen Gia says:

    Mandy's recipes are always so ingenious. It's either the technique or some wacky flavours combo or both. With this recipe, the clever part is def the cold oil frying technique. And the interaction btw her and her camera man, ahem husband, is so funny. "Drawn out."


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