Mama Sue makes 3 INGREDIENT POTATO SOUP | Simple Dinner Idea | What I eat while battling cancer

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One of my sweet followers, Shirley Pelkey, shared a simple recipe for Potato Soup. This recipe caught my attention with only 3 …

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  1. Little Bug
    Little Bug says:

    Mama Sue thank you and God love you. 🙂 Take care of yourself. Your tater soup is delicious! I threw in a brick of sour cream for the heck of it. It was so DELISH! Take care you are a sweet angel!

  2. Donna Harrell
    Donna Harrell says:

    I do something like this.
    I boil 2 or 3 potatoes skin on the hole, and when they're done, I take the water. One cup, and I cool it, I take a cup to make Pepper Gravy. Set it aside to a simmer very low for 30 minutes or as long as I'm cooking. Keep an eye on it, don't let it get too thick, keep it soupy.
    I smash up the potatoes. I like them, Lumpy. Then I use an instant potato mix, Golden potatoes.
    I add the mashed potatoes into the instant potatoes and then put some milk in it or cream
    Add the gravy stir it all together, adding water from the boiling potatoes a little at a time just enough to get the soup consistency that you want. There is a stoop and then a soup.

    If you make a stoop when you put a spoon in it, it will slowly slowly go down. A supe you can't stand a spoon in. 🍲 🍜 🍵

  3. Lora Plus
    Lora Plus says:

    Mama Sue, I’m making this soup 🍜 tonight. It should be ready in about 15 more minutes. I have to say, I’ve snuck a bite and you’re right. It is delicious 😋. Can’t wait to add cheese 🧀 and bacon 🥓 to the top. I’m so glad to see you and to hear your updates. I’m glad you are feeling well this week. We’ll continue to keep you in our prayers!! 💕💕


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