Making “Official” State Foods | Missouri

Making “Official” State Foods | Missouri

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  1. Chris Williams
    Chris Williams says:

    St. Louisan here. The only problem I see with your toasted ravioli (idk why we call it toasted when it's fried) is that it's… round. You gotta square these up, my guy!

  2. Adri
    Adri says:

    Man as a Missourian, this is something that we all talk about 😂😂😂😂 I don't eat it bc lactose intolerant. My sister loves it

  3. Smol Claire
    Smol Claire says:

    Missouri still acts like we're in the civil war that much is true 😭 we may have beautiful nature and some good food but that's the only redeeming qualities here

  4. T
    T says:

    Please listen to me as a person who lives in Missouri don’t come here all we have is dirty water parks a giant metal arch and thin pizza. And the weather is terrible one day it’s 103 degrees the next day it’s 40 and raining

  5. KAEN0_
    KAEN0_ says:

    teachers love to use "show me state" against us. "show me you can behave when theres a substitute teacher"… what is even the point. were not better than anyone bro


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