Making A Burrito Bowl Faster Than Chipotle | But Faster

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Burrito Bowls, homemade or not, present one issue. Can it be made faster at home? Papatapa Merch:

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  1. Ben
    Ben says:

    I love ur vids but just drop down the “fast food bad my food good” act. Like, every single video that has fast food you’ll just go and call it bad except for like 2 or 3. I mean cmon, its not as good as yours but its not that bad that your making it seem

  2. Sophie G
    Sophie G says:

    I get the "papa" part of it, but what's "tapa" refer to? Is it the Spanish "tapas" or is it the cloth made from the bark of the paper mulberry tree, used in the Pacific islands?

  3. Lori Ki
    Lori Ki says:

    Yeah, but Josh dirtied THREE pans plus the instant pot – how long did it take to wash all that???? And clean the floor – holy crap is Josh messy! I think the kitchen clean up time should be added to Josh's time to make the "But Faster" videos fair. @Ulysses – you are getting the short end of the stick.

  4. Chubberino
    Chubberino says:

    Yea theres absolutely no way he made all that before someone could drive to chipotle and get back. Chipotle always has your order ready before you get there no way it was a 10 min wait time for the food.

  5. Taelor Fowler
    Taelor Fowler says:

    Since you've done the taco bell Quesarito but better, you should do a Chipotle version of the Quesoritto but better…I say this as a Chipotle worker because I want a recipe to make at home lmao


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