Making a $20 Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Dinner for 4! | Dollar Tree Dinners | Budget Holiday Meals

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Today I made a Thanksgiving Dinner with a $20 budget from Dollar Tree! The guidelines I follow when making these holiday …

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  1. Karen Baxter
    Karen Baxter says:

    if you spent $20 and there is just under 20 items that works out $1 per item which isn't bad…….anyone who can't get to a store to buy a pie crust you just get a packet on plain cookies and put it in the food processor with melted butter ( but not too much) and Mac and cheese U just add milk to dry macaroni in a pot and let it simmer until all the milk is absorbed and then you add grated cheese.

  2. TheRevJD
    TheRevJD says:

    Thank you for this video. I just stumbled across your channel. I'll be watching more, as there's nothing wrong with eating on the cheap! I'm a bachelor, so actually prefer easy meals. 🙂

  3. Tina Turner
    Tina Turner says:

    I love your videos! Good ideas for me. I'm on disability income. I live in Akron Ohio and I've been to 3 of the closest dollar trees near me and I've been so disappointed. Everything was so much smaller than I've seen on your videos and the store itself is so picked over and there are items still on the pallets in the aisle. So I will stay with Aldi's and Walmart. Keep making videos!!! I will always watch for ideas.

  4. MamaStyles
    MamaStyles says:

    Dollar tree doesn’t carry food in Canada and it’s 2.00 here but I still watch these for some reason 😂 I think you’re very savvy to do this to show families with nothing how to stretch a dollar.It’s roughly 400- 600 a week to feed myself and four teens here but we do have free healthcare and double your minimum wage but I wish our dollar tree carried things like this for cheap quick meals ….sigh 😂

  5. Rea Long
    Rea Long says:

    Perhaps if you would have soaked the ham overnight in water in the fridge it would have drawn out more of the salt. Great job on taking what you can find at $ tree and turning it into a Holiday dinner. Our local $ tree'frozen section has been almost empty all month. I dont know if their having roblems geting the frozen stuff or if it is just selling out because of people stocking up for football game snack or the Holidays..

  6. J.G.
    J.G. says:

    We find you to be such a very kind, generous, loving, and intelligent young woman. Thank you for all your hard work. Times are tough and folks need inspiration! Teaching people how to make good filling meals for cheap is extremely important. Please just keep in mind making healthy recommendations: not too much salt, oil, and sugar. Maybe you might consider adding a component for using Grocery Outlet, Sam’s Club, or Walmart for fresh vegetables? – even frozen vegetables from Grocery Outlet would be okay – but fresh is better – healthier. Keep up your good work and G.B.!!!!

  7. Paige Willow
    Paige Willow says:

    What if you boil the ham for a couple min then sear in the pan as you did? That may boil out some salt. Sort of like when you put salty ham in a ham and pea soup. The salt comes out into the broth.

  8. Bubbles Butterfly
    Bubbles Butterfly says:

    Rebecca, thank you for your channel😀 I just made hamburger meat and I added a can of potatoes and a can of vegetable soup together. It’s delicious. I work as a lunch lady and we get free food but during my days off and my vacation like now 9 days off. I have to really watch my budget. I am a lunch lady for university students. We have 250 girls in our dorm. And I must save every penny for my nest egg. I love your Starbucks dupe because I can purchase Starbucks but so much easier on my budget to do it myself and way less money! And I am a Starbucks girl. But my savings is so much more important. I’ve been dirt poor before, and I refuse to do that again. And that’s the reason why just another reason I love your channel. I love to watch your videos while I’m cooking a meal or eating! And when I’m thinking of ideas of what I am going to make. Your channel is so precious to me and I want to thank you from my heart to yours😀

  9. Melody Mcduffie
    Melody Mcduffie says:

    Tried your mac and cheese preparation method. It's a huge improvement over package instructions, I also appreciate not risking being splashed by hot water when draining pasta. Thank you for considering so many types of circumstances in your various videos.

  10. Techie Girl
    Techie Girl says:

    target is offering a 25.00 and under full thanksgiving – google it and it will take you to the cart they created – its a good deal for a family to eat a full dinner for 25 bucks
    and eat turkey

  11. L Good
    L Good says:

    Ours doesn't have fresh meat or pie crusts. Also no milk or cream cheese at ours. Basically no fresh food. The rest I could probably find at our Dollar Tree.


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