Making 4 Meals With Leftover Fries

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Last time, we went crazy with one baguette. This time, I’m back to see how many things I can make with leftover fries, another one …

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  1. NiNi Na
    NiNi Na says:

    As stale french fries are often tossed I love the creativity of those recipes, especially the soup. ♥️

    I would also be interested if you could turn them into a dip somehow. There's a Greek garlic-potato cream that comes to my mind. Caramelizing them with some spice might also be a nice idea.

    I also highly recommend brinjal (eggplant) pickle as a sandwich condiment, especially with egg/omelet etc.

  2. Blu
    Blu says:

    When I was in albania I had gyros and they literally just make a gyro and stuff it with fries. It's so good and the ingredients for gyros are simple with a lot of room to substitute leftovers.

  3. Alivia Awin
    Alivia Awin says:

    Hi, Inga! I really love your contents and enjoy it everytime.

    However, I'd like to give you a challenge to cook meals using only ONE pan (or pot, your choice).

    As a busy woman living alone, I rarely have time to cook and washing pile of dishes after cooking has become a hassle.

    So I'd like to know your meals recipes and/or ideas that can be cook without making too much pile of dishes to wash after.


  4. izunacakes
    izunacakes says:

    Easiest thing to make w/ leftover fries is w/ gravy, cheese curds, and a chicken patty. Top w/ green onion and pickled red onions or kimchi. U can substitute the gravy for butterchicken sauce or spaghetti sauce and mozzarella

  5. MommaLily
    MommaLily says:

    I turn them into loaded fries, but instead of dry, I sauté them in a homemade sauce. Then after most of the fries are coated & crisp a bit from butter & the homemade sauce. Add whatever topping & cheese. Just cheese alone is delicious. I call them drunken fries.


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