Make it HOMEMADE || How to make BOX PANTRY STAPLES homemade?|| EASY RECIPES

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  1. Amy Hazlett
    Amy Hazlett says:

    I like knowing what is in my food. This way it is minus the preservatives. With it just being my husband and I at home I can adjust the amounts to our needs. Thank you for this series.

  2. Kacy Ulery
    Kacy Ulery says:

    I love this new series! We have a gluten allergy so we can’t eat any of those box mixes but can make substitutions now that we know what to use. Thanks 😊 ❤️

  3. Diana Tennant
    Diana Tennant says:

    I am very interested in this series I will look forward to it. I have a couple hamburger helpers that we use here on a regular basis when is the beef pasta the other one was the chicken fried rice one and I have not been able to recreate either of them would actually like to. I actually saved these and I will be using again I think we kind of did in the regular hamburger helper recipe for a little while and we'll have to wait till someone gets hungry for it before I use that everyone was working a lot and the girls were having to cook and that was their favorite until it wasn't anymore. The chicken fried rice one for some reason I thought they had just the right seasoning in it I would save up some scraps one pork chop one chicken breast maybe I can of baby shrimp if I could get them and add them to it instead of the just the chicken and then right at the end I would add a frozen bag of stir fried vegetables on top well the rice was finishing up and the stir fried vegetables steamed and it was a wonderful Chinese meal at home cheap or basically cheap. But something about that one they had the seasons just exactly right for us and I can't get it wish I could. You're doing great Tamara and I'm an old lady and I think we are at the times that buying these on sale was probably cheaper but now making them at home maybe cheaper and/or just more convenient not to have all the boxes in the packaging that has almost become a problem at my house.

  4. Linda Bran
    Linda Bran says:

    Amazon has the mylar bags with the oxygen absorber combo packs. There are 1 lb bags of dried carrot flakes for $8.99. Must take 20 lbs fresh carrots to make a pound of dehydrated.

  5. Kim Johnson
    Kim Johnson says:

    Love this series. The chicken rice, I bet you could add in some powdered butter for your Mylar bags. Great idea. Things like this are really helpful for people with allergies ect, that way they can control what is being added.

  6. Laurie Lyon
    Laurie Lyon says:

    I'm even thinking I could use some of the carrots I dehydrated and turn them into a powder to use for flavoring. Thanks for getting my brain going some more. LOL

  7. Marilyn A
    Marilyn A says:

    Enjoyed the video. It's about as easy as making it from the box. Also like the idea of prepping some and having them ready to go in the pantry. A favorite I usually have is boxes of Pasta Roni on hand, the parmesean cheese and also the olive oil and Italian herb. Thanks for the video.


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