Low Carb PANCAKE BATTLE – The BEST Keto Pancake Recipe! – Coconut, Almond, Cream Cheese & Carbquick!

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Join Us For a Low Carb Pancake Battle! We tackle a few of the most popular low carb and keto pancake recipes and find out …

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  1. @HighfalutinLowCarb
    @HighfalutinLowCarb says:

    **2024 UPDATE:
    Since this video was filmed and posted, this recipe has disappeared from the Big Man's World Website. I have linked to it here from The Internet Archive for posterity sake. The full recipe is posted below.

    Internet Archive Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20160314105808/http://thebigmansworld.com/2016/02/12/healthy-fluffy-low-carb-pancakes/

    Healthy Fluffy Low Carb Pancakes
    Serves 1
    Extremely thick and fluffy pancakes which are low in carbs and healthy too! These low carb pancakes are loaded with protein (without protein powder!), fiber and with no sugar whatsoever! Naturally gluten free, paleo and with a tested vegan option!

    For the pancakes

    3 T coconut flour
    1-2 T granulated sweetener of choice
    Pinch baking powder
    Pinch sea salt
    3 large egg whites (for vegan option, use 1 T + 1 tsp Ener-G egg replacer + 1/3 cup water, set OR 3 T flax + 9 T water)
    1 T mashed pumpkin OR applesauce OR mashed sweet potato
    1/4 cup + dairy free milk
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract

    Coconut butter vanilla glaze
    1 T coconut butter
    2 T dairy free milk
    1 T granulated sweetener of choice
    ½ tsp vanilla extract

    1. In a large mixing bowl, sift the coconut flour, granulated sweetener of choice, sea salt and baking powder to avoid clumps. Mix well to combine.

    2. In a small bowl, whisk the egg whites very well (can be until stiff peaks form- This makes them even more fluffier than pictured!) or flax egg with the vanilla extract. Add to the dry mixture, along with the mashed pumpkin. Using a tablespoon at a time, add dairy free milk until a thick batter is formed. Mix lightly, but do not over mix.

    3. Spray a pan with cooking spray and heat on low/medium. Once pan is extremely hot, pour batter using a 1/4 cup at a time. Cook pancakes for 2-3 minutes or until the edges bubble, before flipping and cooking for an extra minute. Repeat until all the pancakes are cooked.

    4. To make the coconut butter vanilla glaze, whisk all the ingredients in a small bowl and top pancakes. Add sprinkles if desired!

    For best results, cover pancakes while they cook.

    By Arman @ thebigmansworld

  2. @denagustafson6070
    @denagustafson6070 says:

    I ❤ this guy and his commentary. His personality is a winner! I use Joe Duff’s almond flour pancake recipe and I find it perfect. Everyone in the family loves it. It’s very filling, so one or two will fill you right up. But it’s always good to have a few extra recipes in your repertoire.

  3. @nikkipage9132
    @nikkipage9132 says:

    I never sift my coconut flour. I just whip with a fork. And I throw a whole egg in. Almond milk and some baking powder. You really need nothing else. But thats just me..
    Keepin it simple.

  4. @julieoelker1865
    @julieoelker1865 says:

    I've given up zero/diet drinks. Almost all of them contain acesulfame-K (aspartame). I read an article on Pubmed recently. This sweetener breaks down in the body into phenylalanine (bad for people with phenylketonuria), methyl alcohol and formaldehyde, free floating in the body. Some foods have traces of these poisons but bound up in fiber, so not as harmful.

    I had a relative who was a health nut but didn't drink much water, only diet soda. She passed away from pancreatic cancer. There's no proof it was caused by aspartame but I don't think it's worth the risk. Stay away from aspartame.

  5. @WyntersFrost
    @WyntersFrost says:

    I just saw the price of the carbquik , and wow so expensive for the big box . I tried the cream cheese recipe and that was
    really good. I am a diabetic and so hard to find recipes that does not spike your blood sugar!!!!

  6. @haroldgreen1425
    @haroldgreen1425 says:

    I'd like to suggest a couple of things to improve this recipe. First separate the two large or extra eggs. Now working with the yolks mix in a quarter cup of carbquick or your favorite nut flour. I like the carb quick because it has the texture of normal flour and very low in carbs. Add in a half stick of butter melted. Also a half tsp of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. If you like your pancakes sweet add a bit of artificial sweetener. I don't feel like the pancakes really need it if you're going to use syrup. At this point your batter should be very dense. Add a splash of whipping cream or your favorite fake nut milk. Not too much as you want the batter a bit thicker than you'd use for regular pancakes. At this point you want to whip the egg whites to hard peaks. Gently fold them into the batter. You should have enough batter to make four fair sized pancakes. Oil your hot griddle and pour out the pancakes. Slightly lower temp than you'd normally use for pancakes because you want to get them cooked in the middle. Don't try to flip them before the first side is completely done. If they're not done enough they will break unless you have a really large spatula. When the second side is done place a large pat of butter on each one and stack them on your plate. Drizzle on some zero carb syrup and discover these very normal looking pancakes actually taste like french toast.The reason you want the batter thick is that a thin batter will not rise much and leave you with a thin cake instead of a nice thick one. Because the batter is more dense it won't bubble through as much as it gets done so you have to watch the pancake to flip it at the best moment. They also make great waffles but you do have to cook them a bit longer in the waffle iron or they'll split in half when you open it.

  7. @user-im3tb2in6v
    @user-im3tb2in6v says:

    I have written next to my own pretty good Keto pancake recipe, "NEVER MAKE THIS AGAIN." There is NO good low carb pancake recipe. In New Zealand and Australia, "Pikelets" are small pancakes that one eats like a cookie or cake. Low carb pancake recipes would make edible Pikelets. But pancakes? Not even close.

  8. @HopeWins777
    @HopeWins777 says:

    It's about insulin spiking not strictly carb count which is why manufacturers have used other forms of sugar so they can make the claims. Carbquik has mandatory which is sugar. Carbquik has wheat products which also affects insulin spikes which trigger a whole other series of problems in the body. You cannot just go buy carb count because of our loopholes in FDA labeling. Maybe one day the Young Generation will clean this up so it's not so much work to eat cleanly and live longer.


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