Love & Best Dishes: Tour Paula's Chicken Coop

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Tour Paula’s Chicken Coop – Michael bought Paula some chickens for Christmas. Meet them and see their new home! Click here …

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  1. K T
    K T says:

    When I was little my mom raised all kinds of birds, hundreds at a time. We had heavy drop clear plastic sheets with weights at the bottom to cut down on rain and wind. They still got plenty of sunlight. Also had hanging heat lamps when it was cold. It's was nice and warm in the aviaries.

    I was thinkin now with all the fancy electric retractable awnings, you probably could get somethin rigged up like that.

  2. Nicie Hayes
    Nicie Hayes says:

    Question for Paula. What type of feed do you give your chickens. I heard today that the feed is changing now. If they eat it they won’t lay eggs what should people with chickens do?

  3. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    We just moved last fall to a new home and it came with a chicken coop and yard. I am excited to raise chickens, but need to do some research first as I've never had any before. I love your coop, Paula, and what a beautiful assortment of hens you received! I hope you keep us posted about how they settle in!

  4. MJYouAreNotAlone1
    MJYouAreNotAlone1 says:

    They need a perch to get on to sleep where is the perch? We have backyard chickens and a 6 foot fence we let them run in the yard all day. I hope you’re going to let them out of that coop. They are beautiful God bless them!❤️🙏

  5. Janet Smith
    Janet Smith says:

    this is great Paula. Yes a substantial roosting branch is probably needed. If they roost on the shelves, no where for poop to fall. It will be a real mess. Loads of YouTube videos on great ideas. Just made a rum cake will my fresh eggs, light and fluffy.

  6. Robin Gastonia
    Robin Gastonia says:

    I just love this so much. I think they are so cute. Paula, yall are so funny and cute. I wish my nephews would get some chickens, they
    live in the country on a farm. They have cows, but now need some chickens. Eggs are so much better. One of my nephews goes to
    South Carolina to get fresh eggs. I live in North Carolina. Some of the eggs they get are double yolked. You sure have a nice chicken coop for them.

  7. Fabric and Flowers
    Fabric and Flowers says:

    We have 6 chickens each a different breed. I love them. My kids named them chicken nugget, blueberry, peaches, nutmeg, olive and brownie. You should get a silkie they are the sweetest chickens. Enjoy your new chickens

  8. GoldenHoneySilk
    GoldenHoneySilk says:

    what a blast to see them chickens. wish I could have some, but it's crazy with HOA won't allow that. I thinks it's dumb. with the egg prices. you will have some pretty eggs Paula. great to see Aunt Peggy. thanks Eddie for the video.nice chicken coop. have a great day you guys !!!

  9. Ondrea Counts
    Ondrea Counts says:

    Every time I see you Paula w/Michael, you two remind me so much of my mother & step-father. I wish he would've lived longer than he did cuz he adored her like Michael adores you. I see where they would be now had he not passed almost 30yrs ago. It warms my heart yet saddens it at the same time. She still loves him today & she didn't remarry let alone she didn't date again either. Never cease to cherish one another cause things happen suddenly for your here today & gone tomorrow.

  10. PinkEnergyDrinkKitty
    PinkEnergyDrinkKitty says:

    Back in Texas we had the best sweet babies and my favorite was my huge rooster 🐓 he took care all his ladies. When we got him the man told us no one could tame him n they wanted to kill him already but we bought him and he was nothing but a precious big baby who would let me carry him n spoil him 🥰🐓 Seeing u so happy with ur chickens made me remember the good times 💜


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