Lots of Work to Do on Saturday – Cooking, Cleaning & Organising Whole House – Eggless Banana Bars

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  1. Balaji S2019
    Balaji S2019 says:

    Aarthi..pls don't mind.why don't make the length of the video little short like 15-18mins.will make the video more interesting. As some had suggested before. Many little things u can edit…just my opinion.

  2. Nilani Editz
    Nilani Editz says:

    நீங்க என்னதான் க்ளீன் பன்ற வீடியோ போட்டாலும் உங்க வீடு க்ளீன் பண்ணதா மாதிரியே தான் இருக்கு


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