Look what I did with 25lbs of Meyer’s Lemons 🍋 ~Freeze Dried Lemon peel

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  1. @Michelle-ky8tn
    @Michelle-ky8tn says:

    Yummy, nothing like homemade lemonade and lemon anything else ❤ I love lemon and cucumber water, I drink water a lot and this is the best, especially with some sonic crunchy ice 😂 p.s. I bought the Souper spoons…LOVE them, and they are the perfect weight in your hand. And how fantastic that Cooper is doing the culinary stuff, he has the perfect example and walking culinary encyclopedias for parents! 😊

  2. @hardnackfarms1736
    @hardnackfarms1736 says:

    I love lemons. I will try and freeze dry some lemons again. The first round didn’t go well. I a, growing lemons in my geothermal and I love them. I love pasta also. I am chopping frozen cranberries to freeze dry while I watch. Those cubes are so neat. I hope you have a great day! Wendy❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸

  3. @judihahn9207
    @judihahn9207 says:

    The lemons were beautiful and what a great idea for drying peel and using. As a child my mom made lemon and orange peel candy.❤ I like to make ice cube size so I can plot in my water when I dont have lemons. Bruce to the rescue 🎉 it was funny to see the color difference between the meyer lemons and the store bought. How did doctors appt go? Sending love and positive energy❤🌞


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