lil february vlog 💘 vday shop update, modeling my friend's apparel, karaoke w friends & good vibes!

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This February was filled with lots of small meaningful moments and plenty of firsts❣️ I dropped off my first wholesale order, …

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  1. Brybry Creations
    Brybry Creations says:

    I love having you keep me company while I work, whether it be my bookkeeping job or doing art, and I cannot wait to see your Disney footage since I’m only a few hours from Orlando but never make the time to go 😅 maybe with my 27th bday coming up maybe I’ll try 😊 always love catching up with what you’re up to no matter what 💗 see you over in the live yeah maybe chat to harass Jame 😂😂💗

  2. Afterlifeart
    Afterlifeart says:

    Oh my God can you please tell us more about the home composter! I've been thinking about getting one for so long, but I don't know where I would take the compost after it's done you know? I'm thinking I can put it in the pots in my building's public areas or I could try to take it to a community garden.

  3. The Pink Chick Art
    The Pink Chick Art says:

    Hello! I wanted to ask you if you are still looking for a US manufacturer of hard enamel pins. I am in the process of creating a business to make them, and I'm right in the state of Delaware. Would you be interested in something like this still? Thanks in advance! Also, give Kuni loves from me because he is so adorable!!

  4. Tammy Ferrer
    Tammy Ferrer says:

    Can someone explain to me what a riso print is? I’ve heard Megan talk about them but I don’t know what it is. Also, I love the way you set up your vlogs! They’re so peaceful and entertaining

  5. chick'nuggets
    chick'nuggets says:

    my friend and i coordinated to get the valentine froggie earrings and now it's a little joy whenever we happen to match!! thank you for making wonderful things radhia <333

  6. VSprout
    VSprout says:

    I absolutely love your vlogs, they give me so much inspiration! I would love to become an illustrator like you one day who is so open and kind ❤️

  7. tru Blue
    tru Blue says:

    The sunset view from the train made me cry, just brought back memories coming home from school or college. Not new Yorker anymore but still its my home. Queens Forever!!


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