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  1. Daniela Diaries
    Daniela Diaries says:

    Hey friends! I appreciate you all so much for sticking with me. I know some may feel I abandoned them for choosing to go a different way with my health journey. I would hope you would remember that I’m still a person behind this screen and I do have feelings. So please practice kindness. I supported you all in each of your journeys which ever way you ever took, I hope for the same in return ❤️

  2. darlene sutton
    darlene sutton says:

    Your kids have probably learned so much from watching you on your health journey that I would definitely say they have strong opinions on eating right. I think it's great that they enjoy such variety, you have encouraged them so much in everything. Love shines through your videos, you are such a caring person it's a joy to watch your clips. Keep going girl!👍💪💕

  3. DeAnn Davies
    DeAnn Davies says:

    What a sweet conversation between you and Reyna. I am working to reintroduce carbs and I am with you. It’s so hard. My journey was for the purpose of healing my trashed gut due to undiagnosed autoimmune. I lost quite a bit of weight but I longed for the day I could tolerate grains. It is a slow and long road back but I am getting there.
    Hang in there! We gotcha!

  4. Yvette Bennett
    Yvette Bennett says:

    The struggle is real. You inspire me. You look so happy and you are glowing.
    Very happy and excited for you on your new journey.
    I am looking forward to it.
    As a post menopausal woman going to be 53, my journey has changed. I too wasnt eating enough calories. I fried my metabolism with way too much intermittent fasting to where I was no longer hungry to my body has been in starvation mode storing healthy whole foods into fat in my abdomen….
    Prayers for your success in meeting your goals. 🙏

  5. Dora Rodriguez
    Dora Rodriguez says:

    I have been doing Keto for almost 8 years. Going from 244lbs to 129lbs and kept it off. I will be 53 years old this year. I am a RN in the Emergency Department working 5-6 days a week 12-16 hours a day. I run 3-6 miles daily with my dogs. I do yoga and lift weights. I am lucky that I do not have alot of excessive skin after losing all my weight. I love Keto and am living proof it works and it is healthy. My blood lab work shows that. I am living proof that you don't need to buy all those Keto products that many YouTube influencers promoted. When I started Keto and I lost my weight before there were all those keto products and all those YouTube Keto Journeys. I didn't allow other people's journeys shake my journey. My hope is that this channel doesn't turn into a channel that speaks negatively or bashes Keto.

  6. Deanna
    Deanna says:

    I was on keto for years , I was one of those people it made my health worse sadly . It took me a long time to get over eating carbs but now I love it and I am very healthy now

  7. Anita South
    Anita South says:

    I lost a lot of weight on keto, but just got sick of it. Went crazy for a while, put on 4kg. Now on weight watchers and it is difficult as I feel I should be able to eat more red meat, because that’s what I’m use to. Slowly adjusting to new way.

  8. KatherineS
    KatherineS says:

    Good for you doing you!

    Hubby and I LOVE keto. We feel so much better with this way of eating. We have no sugar cravings, no binges and mental clarity. Hubs had lost 70 lbs and I’ve lost 35 pounds. It’s almost been a full year for us.

    I did have a chat with a trainer nutritionists coach and she agreed keto works great but when you are ready to maintain your keto losses to implement food combining. Apparently food combining first came out back in the 70’s. Somersizing is also based upon food combining. The basic “rules” are:

    Always eat fruit alone and on an empty stomach.

    Combine vegetables with fats and proteins (no carbohydrates).

    Combine carbohydrates with vegetables (no fats).

    Wait 3 hours between meals of different combinations.

    Apparently this way of eating benefits your digestive system!

    I thought it was interesting to learn about!

  9. Jenny Rivera
    Jenny Rivera says:

    Have you tried the Mediterranean Diet? It’s carbs comes from healthy vegetables. I think you should look into it. I’m trying it and it works for me. I’ve learned to eat more vegetables that I have not eaten before or liked.

  10. Elena Popugayeva Kozakova
    Elena Popugayeva Kozakova says:

    I'm trying to quit keto, cause it caused me pancreatic issues. But I'm scared to death of eating carbohydrates! I just can't….For so long I've been demonizing carbs, so I just scared….I needed this video. Thank you, Danielle!

  11. Carrie Ngugi
    Carrie Ngugi says:

    So the rice cake and peanut butter….the rice cake in general (lightly salted) is 40 calories and 8 total carbs. That itself is low calorie. The peanut butter is what's high calorie. For 2 tablespoons it's 180-190 calories. If the peanut butter calories are concerning do half a serving or 1 tablespoon or try PB powder. For higher calorie high fat foods like avocado half the serving or find a lower calorie option to it…unless you need to up your fat.

  12. Rachelle Morrison
    Rachelle Morrison says:

    I think people really need to understand what insulin resistance is and why its hard to loose weight when you have it and why keto or low carb helps fix this issue….If you do keto correctly(and long enough) it fixes your insulin resistance. Then if you decide to start incorperating more carbs into your lifestyle( I hate the word diet…) after weight loss your insulin works the way its supposed to then you wont gain weight. Now if you go back to eating too often and not eating the right balance of food and not moving your body then yes you will gain your weight back. Carbs are not the only issue with gaining weight, its also how often you snack and crash diet ect that creates metabolic dysfunction IE insulin resistance…. You are doing AMAZING!!!

  13. Karen Mortimer
    Karen Mortimer says:

    I definitely am with you on not knowing what’s ‘ok’ to eat. I know I’m a carb addict and when I start on them, it’s difficult to stop. Usually a baked potato will lead me to chips, then candy, then soda. That’s why i chose the Keto way. But I found myself eating too much fat because I wasn’t losing any weight. My husband lost 40lbs in 4 months. I lost 5. I’ve prioritized protein for now, but I’m not lifting, only walking a few days a week. Thank you for your honesty and positive attitude. I learn from every one of your videos ❤️

  14. Donna Beach
    Donna Beach says:

    OMG you are an Aquarius!! Me too, please tell us what day? I am with you on the inexpensive home equipment. I purchased an inexpensive recumbent bike because it is so cold now and well I love cycling inside!! Worth every penny.

  15. Leonor Garza
    Leonor Garza says:

    I feel ya … I used to think bread 🍞 bammm I'm gonna get fat Again.. I've been off keto for around 2 yrs and it was hard at first .. I do try and limit one bread as in toast ..bun ..pasta … To one meal a day if I have any. All food is good and bad. If that makes sense.. and the same with cheese i try and limit to having it with one meal a day. You got this !!!

  16. Jaclyn Rivera
    Jaclyn Rivera says:

    Girl I feel your pain! Was on keto for 3 yrs & the first few months after I stopped I was SO SCARED to eat anything that I would over restrict. To the point where I couldnt fall asleep from not eating enough. Its a complete mindset shift. Now I just eat whole foods

    RAQUEL DANKO says:

    Daniela, don't be afraid of carbohydrates. I eat 200-250 g a day and I am at 17% body fat. Lift weight and cardio and you will utilize them. I used to do keto and now I eat way more volume. Just stay in a deficit on your calories if you want to lose weight or eat at maintenance and stay at the same weight. People make this way more complex then it needs to be. When I switched from keto to anabolic I lose nearly 15 lbs. I am 5-11 and 143 lbs. Also I am almost 47 years old. Don't stress over it. I took me 3 years of consistent weight lifting to re-comp my body. BTW you are such a pretty lady! You should feel good about yourself and I can tell your body is changing! Stick with your plan. It takes time.

  18. Welcome Home
    Welcome Home says:

    I had a hard time allowing carbs after leaving keto but it was making me crazy and I recognized my disordered eating. I listened to a lot of videos by Abby Sharp (intuitive eating) and ate frost way for a bit. Now I am on a calorie based plan – because I do have goals that are important to me, but no food group is off limits. I am still choosing quality items for sure because I don’t want to feel hungry for making bad choices.

  19. Joy80
    Joy80 says:

    Going from low carb to keto…then omad/IF..losing 74lbs…now working out & doing PE:DIET by Dr Ted Naiman..protein to energy ratio…incorporating more protein less fat..eating healthy carbs as well. Since working out find it difficult to get all my protein meals to feed my muscles. Not hungry.

  20. Diane Geddes
    Diane Geddes says:

    Thank you for your videos! I'm right there on the struggle bus from keto to SAD! Its hard when wev'e had so many food rules! You are an inspiration and we will all do this together!


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