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  1. Genevieve Darrett
    Genevieve Darrett says:

    Bless his heart ,he does not waste one item from his cooking. Taking even the broth from this and putting noodles in it .I even love the fact he uses his hamburger grease to fry his potatoes,in pass video. The best of what I love about this sweet man is when he tells us

  2. Fusion1790
    Fusion1790 says:

    This man comes from the greatest generation. Probably drinks whiskey, hits women and smokes cigars. I bet him and his old buddy Arthur used to go to the bar everyday after work ❤️

  3. Tondalaya Kapoofnick
    Tondalaya Kapoofnick says:

    I've been working double shifts for the hast four days and after much sleep I'm binge watching your videos. I have severe anxiety disorder and watching your videos has done something for me that meds and therapy can't really do. I feel happy, calm and worry free. It's a god send. Thankyou for everything, and I'll continue to watch every video. Hugs and kisses, dear man.💞👍

  4. jklau544
    jklau544 says:

    This is some what similar to a nice Ham and Cabbage recipe my mother used to make. All that’s missing is beef broth, and she served it with a little bit of red wine vinegar in each bowl. Yum!

  5. Jay Bird
    Jay Bird says:

    Watching u and listening to your stories is so genuine and soothing in these difficult Crazy times. We need to preserve and protect this man.

  6. KellyGirl83
    KellyGirl83 says:

    Hi Tom, your dinner looks delicious. I hope you’re doing very well. I’m thankful you’re safe from the explosion but I’m very sorry for all who were affected by this tragedy. I’m sending you a hug.


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