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When you make the switch to a whole food plant-based lifestyle it can seem like a daunting task to suddenly feel like you need to …

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  1. Sherri L.
    Sherri L. says:

    One of the best shows, ever. It's so important to get the greens and beans and at least one of the super grains – barley buckwheat or sorghum in a day. They stop cravings for maple syrup and fill you up.

  2. Carolyn T
    Carolyn T says:

    Love her vibe and recipes. She's so down to earth. I did her 28-day intro to plant-based eating and really enjoyed it and have kept mainly going plant-based with some eggs and fish now and then.

  3. Phillip Pinter
    Phillip Pinter says:

    Lentils are legumes and even beanier than beans nutritionally, not like grains. (Buckwheat is technically a seed). She definitely knows this but it bothers me when people put information that may mix up wfpb newbies.

  4. kpstardust
    kpstardust says:

    Great tips thank you! All the food looks delicious, love the idea of chopping up greens, they’re always an afterthought for me, this is great for weeknights when i have no time or energy to spare..🍄🌎🌱☮️🦋

  5. Char Covelesky
    Char Covelesky says:

    Batch prep is almost a given when you eat WFPB, too easy otherwise to make poor last minute choices! I was confused, I thought "Rancho Gordo" was a type of bean, but it's a grower of a variety of heirloom beans. I'm sure they're wonderful, the "caviar" of beans, but just too pricy for my skimpy retirement budget when I can get 4 lbs of my favorite bean (cranberry/Roman) locally for the cost of one lb of theirs. Anyway, I was curious which one is your favorite bean?

  6. Brenda Clement
    Brenda Clement says:

    I bought your first cookbook and I love it! You said there would be links to the recipes you referenced in this video but I don’t see the African stew recipe. Where is the link?

  7. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Apparently they have started putting a very toxic coating on even organic produce, called Apeel, in case you haven't heard, and want to look it up…Supposedly it has heavy metals, even mercury, and doesn't break down… 🕊🐦

  8. Truthbetold
    Truthbetold says:

    These are my kind of meals. Wholesome ingredients prepared in my own kitchen. Best of all, assembled the way I like it at the time of eating. Sometimes I have a banana avocado smoothie with granola for dinner–quick, nutritious and satisfying, perfect after a day of work in the garden. BTW Jill, I used to sew aprons to give as gifts. The fabrics you've chosen to make your aprons looks absolutely beautiful on you. I would be highly interested if you started a clothing line. I know you thrift some of your clothes but I love your style and palette. A few pieces you've worn on your show (including the dress in this video) I would love to have in my wardrobe. So that you know, you've got a fan in me.

  9. Gail Webb
    Gail Webb says:

    Love this video……easy and organized! I am one so will cut in half. Many thanks. (Sometimes I watch one of Jill's videos just to relax……love her presentations!) Then I end up making the dish! A win-win!

  10. Heidi & Hugz
    Heidi & Hugz says:

    Thank you for this! I need to order an InstaPot.. how big is THIS one in you video? Your link goes to the DUO 6QT – is that what you're using in this video? Or is yours bigger. Also your says IP-DUO but in the link there's only Duo, Crisp or Rio, please help me figure out which one is the best to get:)


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