Large Family Grocery Haul | $335.55 | 10kidsandagarage

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Large Family Grocery Haul #largefamilygroceryhaul #walmartpickup #groceryhaul ☕️Javy Coffee: …

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  1. Kathy Conger
    Kathy Conger says:

    Yay, Another grocery haul! You got a little bit of everything. We would eat that stuff! I laughed when you said, Loren asked me to make lasagna, so I bought it. That’s just the way things go around here!😂 We buy that too sometimes! That’s just the season of life I’m in right now! They also have a Party size vegetable lasagna that is amazing! I think so anyway! It is really creamy & the veggies are chopped really fine. Even my meat eating, veggie hating family will eat some every now & then!
    Fun fact about the coffee…..the lighter the roast the more caffeine!🤯 The more it’s roasted, (like for a darker roast), the more caffeine is roasted out of it! But it’s harder to find the lighter roasts!😫 I always want the one with more caffeine!😳 Lol! Hope everyone had a great wknd!❤️


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