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Welcome back to another large family meals of the week with lots of large family dinners on a budget. Thank you to Thrive Market …

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  1. paula nelson
    paula nelson says:

    I always wash off my dishes before putting in dishwasher! Unless you have a very high quality dishwasher most don’t wash off dried n stuck food! Then when goes through drying cycle it is cemented on the dish! Another thing if you have a garbage disposal hooked up with your dishwasher you are going to have stopped up clogged pipes!
    I speak from experience! I have a regular affordable dishwasher!
    We have to scrape n rise off our dishes for them to get clean! I don’t wash them with soap just rinse with hot water!

  2. Donna Bradshaw
    Donna Bradshaw says:

    I always had good luck with putting a cup of baking soda, some salt and vinegar. After an hour or so,when the water level goes down, I fill the sink with the hottest tap water. Then pull the stopper out and the clog is usually gone.

  3. JennyWinters
    JennyWinters says:

    I freeze thing I have extra of, like peppers, onions, chicken stock, and beef stock. Those are used fast in food prep. I have even frozen ginger and it still works well in recipes after dethaw.

  4. JennyWinters
    JennyWinters says:

    Is this Thrive the same stuff Shannon Watts was trying to sell, or is this something different? I am out of the loop on Thrive Market. I just shop at Krogers and Aldi's so my knowledge of any shipped food is nill.

  5. Beccijo Neff
    Beccijo Neff says:

    Those raised beds would be amazing for a kitchen garden. Traditionally kept right outside the kitchen door and a place for quick cut things needed for everyday cooking like herbs and things for salads.

  6. Kitty Rhyder
    Kitty Rhyder says:

    Oh My Goodness you need to get Koh Dishwashing Tablet online they are so much better than the Finish :)) You will never look back and its a whole cleaning system also ………Would strongly recommend you look into it ……….It really is amazing stuff Lots of love from Down Under xox

  7. Janell Kunkle
    Janell Kunkle says:

    Your going to love the Whisps in the Thrive box. My favorite is parmesan.
    Love your new kitchen plans!
    And just an fyi, you can find used appliance parts at suppliers too and here we have a used parts store too.
    And a lot of them carry the old parts too.
    Let's us know if your part worked.👍

  8. Bliss Letson
    Bliss Letson says:

    I have used dish washers for years. Originally we didn't rinse dishes before loading them. I believe the machines were built better back then. I have also used professional dish washers in my day and we still rinsed the dishes before loading them. I believe that not rinsing dishes causes damage and wear to most dish washers. I agree that dishes will usually get clean either way but I just feel better rinsing first. Basically a dish washer's main purpose is to sanitize dishes by using hotter water than we could by hand washing them.

  9. Binky DinkyDoo
    Binky DinkyDoo says:

    I always wash my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher. To me, the dishwasher is to sanitize the dishes and get them smelling good. I tried once to just throw them in and there was still dried on stuff that didn't come off, it was gross. Plus, who wants leftover food in their dishwasher. Leaving them dirty and putting them in never works for me, they don't come out clean. The dishwasher can't scrub like your hands can. Just seems gross to put all that food in your dishwasher.

  10. LaVonne P.
    LaVonne P. says:

    So glad to see a video today from u.. its my bday.. and u always bring a smile to my face.. 🥰 im behind on my comments.. but will catch up.. hope u enjoyed vacation.. so happy kitchen is comin along and first inspection passed yay!.😍 I have heard that also yrs ago about not washin the dishes before puttin in the dishwasher I just have never done it.. I have always had old dishwashers and didn't think it would wk😆 when u said about that pan everything in u says soak it that's what I woulda done..i use finish also or whatever is cheaper gen i think i get at walmart but happened to get finish last time at costco… glad u didn't lose ur stuff in fridges.. thank u Lord.. 🙏 sorry to hear about ur bone broth.. 😔 I have always wanted to make some.. so do u just ask the butcher for bones? And then do u put veggies ( i jiat seen toward end of video u put in ur carrot scraps for beef broth so u answered that ques..😍and spice? Like the dinner meals as always.. look yummy! I luv my taco salad with doritos so good.. now I seen on ur thrive haul u got some no sugar items are cutting sugar? Something I need to wk on def.. 😬 luv those Adirondack chairs! And those raised beds..and on wheels yay.. mayb on my wish list.. finally found wk and start in 2 wks.. prayers answered.🙏 Congratulations to ur friend on her baby! 🎉 ur such a blessing to sooo many! Im sure she will appreciate ur yummy mealsm.Thanks for all u do and all u are! I luv u! And send big hugs.. cuz who don't need hugs 🤗 right.🥰 have a blessed night..

  11. EveryDayBasicJoy
    EveryDayBasicJoy says:

    I was at Lowes in Fredericksburg (my mom works there) over the weekend getting seeds to start indoors for this year’s vegetable garden. I got distracted by all the outdoor furniture. Especially that round dome lounge chair lol

  12. Kellie Pineda
    Kellie Pineda says:

    all dish washing detergents are disgned to work best at Temps of 160 °n I love cascade don't like finish n dishwasher have built in garbage disposal but my new one has a filter on bottom n I check n clean it ever week

  13. Jenna Robertson
    Jenna Robertson says:

    I think you do have to wash them, it helps with your dishwasher last longer, and it does not clump your dishwasher with food. I will also wash my dishes before I but them in the dishwasher and use it more as killing the germs I didn't get


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