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Hey Friends! Today I am sharing with you my super easy meal prep! This is packed full of super easy, delicious, affordable foods …

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  1. Alice Ropella
    Alice Ropella says:

    When I freeze things in ziploc bags, I flatten, close the zip top leaving enough open on an end to insert a straw, and then suck out as much air as possible. Poor man’s Seal a meal…lol 😊
    I also rinse my cooked burger with hot water….you can get all the grease off it and make it really lean.

  2. Organized With Joy
    Organized With Joy says:

    Hey friend! Great video! I never got into meal prepping! But I know it probably would save money and time!😂 I enjoy the process of cooking dinner most nights, so I don’t do prep. Thanks for sharing!😊💞✨

  3. Colleen Howard
    Colleen Howard says:

    Have you tried canning potatoes? If you have a pressure canner, it is really easy. Now I have found that red potatoes can the best. Just too much starch in Russett and Yukon Gold. Get ALL of the peel off the potatoes and wash throughly. Cut into 1 inch cubes or steak fries, or rounds (not thin). Soak in cold water for a few minutes then drain. Fill bowl with fresh cold water and add a good splash of lemon juice and soak for a few minutes. These two steps remove excess starch and prevent browning. Have warm jars and lids ready. I keep my clean jars in oven on 225 degrees while prepping everything. Next plunge the potatoes into boiling water and drain after two minutes into a colander. Have fresh boiling water ready. Add potatoes to quart jars to one inch headspace. Add 1 teaspoon salt. Fill jars with boiling water to once inch headspace. Use plastic tool to get bubbles out and adjust water if needed. Put lids and rings on jars and put into pressure canner. For my altitude it's 10 lbs. pressure for 40 minutes. To fry any of these potatoes, drain well, pat with paper towel and let them air dry a few minutes then fry. Can also be used for soups, stews and mashed potatoes. Frees up freezer space and in my opinion, holds up better than freezing.

  4. Still Single Stephanie
    Still Single Stephanie says:

    I just froze some potatoes last week for the first time, I didn't have nearly as many though. Since I cook for one I don't need a whole bag for just 2 recipes, but I couldn't pass up the sale when I knew I'd want to make some more soups coming up soon.


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